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The American authorities can fine BP almost on $20 mlrd

the British power company BP can pay to the American authorities the penalty at a rate of 18 mlrd dollars for the oil which has flowed out to Gulf of Mexico. And this sum does not include expenses for struggle against failure consequences, payments suffered from oil flood, transfers CNN.
According to the American Law on the pure water, accepted still in 70 - h years of the last century if the court recognises the British company guilty of failure, BP will pay for each barrel of the oil which has flowed out in a gulf to 4,3 thousand dollars Such data the representative of the Ministry of Justice of the USA has resulted.
However, till now it is not known, how many oil gets to gulf waters. Initially representatives of the Coast guard of the USA spoke about one thousand barrels a day. A bit later this figure has been reconsidered to 35 - 60 thousand barrels a day. If to take for a basis last figure (65 thousand), it is simple to count up that all from the moment of failure of platform Deepwater Horizon in the middle of April to Gulf of Mexico has poured out more than 4,3 million barrels of oil. And it without considering 800 thousand barrels which BP managed to be collected.
thus experts notice that considering the huge sizes of the British company and public reaction, BP is very easy purpose. As the American congressman Ed of Mark has noted, making comments on the possible sum of the penalty, BP it is necessary to answer according to the legislation of the USA .
In turn the representative of the British concern has confirmed that in a gulf can follow to 43 thousand barrels a day, but has refused to make comments on the size of the possible penalty.
explosion on oil platform Deepwater Horizon in Gulf of Mexico, belonging VR as rent, has occurred on April, 20th. After that the platform has sunk, and oil that became the reason of the largest ecological accident in region has started to follow from the damaged chink in the sea. Alabama, Mississipi, Louisiana and Florida the serious damage is caused an ecosystem of states. As have declared the American authorities later, responsibility for indemnification of a damage and operation financing on clearing should bear exclusively BP.
the British company British Petroleum still desperately tries to eliminate consequences of the ecological accident which have occurred on its fault in Gulf of Mexico. In the meantime every day this struggle costs quite concrete money, and expenses of the oil and gas company already have closely come nearer to the following important psychological mark - 4 mlrd dollars
As a result while unsuccessful struggle against underwater leak BP has spent already 3,95 mlrd dollars Expenses on struggle against failure consequences, oil gathering, drilling of an inclined chink are included in this sum for muffling emergency, federal expenses and arbitration. The last to the company it has been put forward 116 thousand, and the company has paid by a part from them about 207 million dollars
Several days before Presidential Administration of the USA of Barack Obama has exposed BP the account which size has made 99,7 million dollars Under the statement of the White house, three previous accounts on 122,2 million dollars BP has paid completely. In June the head of Committee of natural resources of American Congress Nik Rahal also has declared that the government should demand with BP payment of a royalty for the oil lost as a result of leak and gas. By its estimation, the royalty rate should make 18,75 % from cost of each barrel flowed away oil - all about 7 million dollars