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The final decision under excises on gasoline will be accepted by D.Medvedev

In the Russian government till now have not accepted the final decision about increase of excises on gasoline or cancellation of the transport tax. Last word remains for president Dmitry Medvedev about what to journalists the Assistant Secretary of the finance Pavel Kuznetsov has told.
as he said, now this point in question is on the coordination of the ministries and departments, and then will be readdressed to the head of the state. D.Medvedev will discuss a theme with governors of various Russian regions then the decision will make. There will be it, according to P.Kuznetsova, within the next few days.
we will remind, earlier Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin informed that the government of the Russian Federation will make the decision on increase of excises on gasoline. Till the end of July 2010. It will be from 1,5 to 3 rbl. within 3 years. Different scenarios " are considered; - A.Kudrin in the end of June has declared.
Vitse - the prime minister then has explained that there is a variant to shift loading of the transport tax to gasoline then increase of excises will make 3 rbl., if regions do not want excise increase will make 1,5 rbl.
In the end of May 2010. vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov has declared possible cancellation of the transport tax. As he said, volumes of expenses of automobile owners on the car maintenance will be defined first of all quantity of consumed fuel . As has noted vitse - the prime minister, the government of the Russian Federation provides increase in excises at oil products with 2011. For replenishment of road funds, that is world practice.