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The USA have thought up how to avoid a default

US president Barack Obama on July, 19th has compounded with the senate and has agreed to make amendments to the plan of reduction of the State expenditure and increase in taxes in exchange for increase of volume of external loans, informs Associated Press.
B.Obama has personally informed journalists this news after has once again carried on negotiations with representatives of the senate. Senators have declared that they have practically come to the agreement on immediate reduction of expenses on 500 mlrd dollars and that the given measure is considered as a starting point for decrease in the State expenditure more than on 4 trln the dollars in the following of 10 years, however a detailed plan will be sounded only after repeated session.
the preliminary plan also includes measures on increase in a profitable part of the budget on 1 trln dollars at the expense of change of the tax code and reduction of programs of social insurance and medical aid Medicaid and Medicare.
We will have time to solve a question till August, 2nd - B.Obama in the performance has underlined.
the solution of a problem of increase in a state debt will allow US authorities to pursue a policy further of external loans, and also to avoid a technical default of the American state bonds which will come on August, 2nd if the parties do not come to the agreement.