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Apple shows record growth of profit thanking iPad and iPhone

Net profit of American company Apple following the results of nine months 2010 - the 2011 which has come to the end on June, 25th of this year, has grown on 98 % - to 19,3 mlrd dollars - in comparison with a similar indicator in 9,7 mlrd dollars for the same period year before. Such data is resulted in the financial report of the company.
operational profit Apple in January - June 2011. Has grown on 94 % and has made 25 mlrd dollars (year before this indicator made 12,9 mlrd dollars) . The sales volume has increased by 78 % and has made 80 mlrd dollars against 44,8 mlrd dollars year before.
In III quarter of current fiscal year Apple has received 7,3 mlrd net profit dollars that on 125 % more than a comparative indicator of annual prescription at a rate of 3,25 mlrd dollars the Quarter operational profit has increased by 126 % - to 9,38 mlrd dollars - with 4,23 mlrd dollars last year. The sales volume has grown on 81 % and has made 28,5 mlrd dollars
For accounting quarter Apple has put on the market of 20,34 million smart phones iPhone (+142 % in comparison with the same period of last year) and has sold 9,25 million tablet computers iPad (+183 %).
Apple - one of the largest in the USA the manufacturer of computers, audioplayers and the software. The staff - company apartment is in Kupertino (State of California), a personnel aggregate number - 35 thousand persons.