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Moscow in a new key: that gives to a city Moscow suburbs absorption

the Russian political minds the new gigantomania has captured. This time the revolutionary project of expansion of territory of Moscow almost in 2,5 times in which frameworks to capital will depart an order of 144 thousand in hectare of territories situated near Moscow on jugo - the West became its consequence. On a capital card attached a triangle someone has already christened a skirt and someone has seen similarity of a keyhole.
the expansion accepted with a view of unloadings Moscow and increase in investment appeal of Moscow suburbs, assumes gradual carrying over of a part of federal institutions for MKAD. However while the capital population, developers and even officials stay in uncertainty and guess about the future of Moscow, the prices for real estate and the price of realisation of these plans.
a key question
From the idea stated by the president of the Russian Federation by Dmitry Medvedev on June, 17th 2011. About transfer to Moscow to a part of Moscow Region and eviction for MKAD of some official bodies, to the first steps to realisation has passed not enough time. Has not passed also month as the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin and the governor of Moscow Region Boris Gromov have arrived to the head of the state with the project of a new card of two regions.
while added on a Moscow map a skirt it is limited by the Kiev and Warsaw highway, and also the Big ring of the Moscow railway, and includes such big cities as Moscow, etc. However experts do not exclude Podolsk, Troitsk that there will be also a second stage of decisions on expansion, and then at human shape of Moscow will appear ears and handles .
the Mayor has taken away on study of questions of joining about one year. Designing of transport and other communications, and also territories where there will be a development thus is necessary. And already now all it is clear that idea realisation will occupy many long years. According to head Moscow strojkompleksa Marata Husnullina, on it is required not less than 20 years.
the project good, is a pity only - to live during this time fine it is not necessary - neither me, nor you - one of experts a line of poet Nikolay Nekrasov has joked.
despite remoteness of prospects of an embodiment of dream about the third Rome the market it is live began to react to statements of the authorities, and experts undertook to count up idea scale .
the Prices raise
the Contribution of association to a price level experts on the average estimate in 15 % of an increase to traditional dynamics. the prices will grow on 10 - 15 % annually - general director OPIN Artemy Krylov considers.
the basic vector of building will pass now for MKAD in the first belt from 3 to 15 km from Moscow - the general director " adds; NDV - real estate Alexander Khrustalyov. Thus stop this growth the state moratorium on sale of sites in these territories can only to prevent speculative processes.
meanwhile is and more a rise in prices appreciation. The head of the analytical centre of Open Society OPIN Ekaterina Lobanova believes that as a result of reform cost of cottages and the retail ground areas in this territory will grow a minimum on 50 %.
Acceptance of new borders of Moscow will reduce rupture between cost of capital and real estate situated near Moscow to a minimum. Prestigiousness of the New Riga highway, most likely, will not suffer, but the prices for other traditionally elite directions (the Minsk, Pjatnitsky, Dmitrovsky highway) will be corrected - the expert believes.
other expected tendency - essential activization of the housing market. It is clear that the prices in Moscow area will grow in times as to buyers the Moscow residence permit and a capital infrastructure, privileges will be important. Will appear and many interested persons to get apartment now for the purpose of resale.
experts of holding MGSN expect that this process will begin in the near future. Under their data, already sharp splash in consumer activity on a number of objects in 7 - 10 km from MKADa on the Kiev highway today was designated. A number of developers under projects on jugo - the Moscow area West in the very first days after definition of a vector of development have declared lifting of the prices.
by the way, the market of cadastral services almost the first has reacted to the announcement of merge. So, owners of the house around village Red Pahra who, apparently, also gets to the designated triangle, have faced rise in prices by commercial registrars for registration of a full package of documents for reception of cadastral number in new system of the state account of the earth with 15 thousand to 27 thousand rbl.
While there is no definiteness in how the prices for the earth in allocated " will lead; a triangle . E.Lobanova even considers that precedent of mass occurrence in territory of Moscow of a private property on the earth, possibly, will lead to revision of some positions of Ground and Town-planning codes.
commercial director Uniparx Service Alexander Kovalenko expects that the industrial function earths first of all will sharply rise in price, but there will be also other offers. I will not be surprised, if proprietors of large sites, for example, the agricultural earths will prefer to translate them in industrial use and to deduce on the market when the prices will reach peak - he speaks.
as to commercial real estate it, most likely, will follow habitation. There will be a high requirement for trading real estate (shops, shopping centres). If it will be created so-called a city of officials That the prices for office objects will strongly grow around that place where it will be generated, the director of department of strategic consulting Jones Lang LaSalle Julia Nikulicheva predicts.