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Experts: the Transport branch of the Russian Federation at a present management has fallen into decay

the Distress of domestic transport branch - a direct consequence inept, and sometimes and frankly populist policy of a management of the profile ministry. Such conclusion contains in presented one of these days Institute of globalisation and social movements (IGSO) the report “ Transport of Russia: stagnation and degradation “ which results today “ the Independent newspaper “.
According to experts, the transport branch could not become one of motive forces of development of economy in “ full “ 2004 - 2008γγ. And during world financial crisis accordingly has not carried out the problems on creation of base for increase of economic stability.
however the main trouble in that, as in the future how many - nibud positive changes in branch, seemingly, is not expected. After all all these years the main branch department - the transport Ministry - are headed by Igor Levitin which activity is more and more reduced to a writing of impracticable programs.
meanwhile in 2004γ., when Igor Levitin has been appointed by the head of the main transport ministry of the country, the branch expected from the new heads really revolutionary changes. And it is valid, in days of economic lifting the country objectively needed cardinal modernisation of transport system, after all significant reforms to branches was not spent already from Soviet period. The birth in May 2005γ became a result of the first year of work new naznachentsa. Transport strategy of the Russian Federation for the period to 2020γ. The document looked extremely optimistically. If all declared plans have been actually realised, already the share of pollution by environment transport today would considerably be reduced, in the country would construct kilometres of new roads, the volume of transit transportations through Russia would increase almost in tens times. Rapid development would receive avia - and shipbuilding. “ however realisation of scale plans has accepted appreciably imitating character. Attention to the question actually brought by economic lifting on acceleration of transport development of Russia and has not been solved “ - authors of the report ascertain.
moreover as representatives of expert community specify, Transport strategy has initially been written it was possible in such a manner that to expect its practical realisation only in the most courageous dreams. All the matter is that was proclaimed one of key mechanisms of realisation of grandiose plans attraction of large state and private investments. However the program document describing development of branch on the next 15 years, was “ it is excellent “ after only three years after its acceptance - in 2008γ. On light there is a new Transport strategy of the Russian Federation for the period to 2030γ.
Theoretically in similar “ juggling “ program documents could and not to be any “ a crime “ if real indicators of work of branch though would come nearer to declared in strategy a little. In practice all occurs just what isn`t needed: the Russian transport system slowly but surely continues to collapse. For example, in economically favorable 2008γ. The volume of transit transportations through our country has made all 10 million tons, having decreased with 2000γ. Six times. And it while under plans of Ministry of Transport in which importance of development of this segment of branch was especially underlined, the volume of transit transportations should increase to 100 million tons a year.
it was not took and with road building. Though it is formal, in reports of officials, rather optimistic indicators appear: from 2005 on 2008γ. Extent of highways in the country has grown on 82 thousand in km. But analysts IGSO specify that there was it at all without thanking large-scale civil work, in summary inclusion with 2006γ. Local roads in the category of roads of general purpose. And here relative density of roads with a firm covering continued to decrease all these years systematically. As it is underlined in the report, if in 2005γ. The share of such roads made 91,3 %, already in 2008γ. This indicator has decreased to 83,4 %. We will notice that thus cost of building of road of 1 km with a firm covering in Russia is almost one of the highest in the world. According to the Center of researches of a postindustrial society referring to the Union of engineers - smetchikov, average cost of building of road of 1 km in our country makes about 13 million dollars For comparison: in Germany this indicator equals 12 million dollars, in Poland - 7 million dollars, in the USA - 6,5 million dollars, in China - and at all 2,9 million dollars
One of the reasons of such dearness - corruption. On the average, according to mass-media, “ recoil “ for road makes 10 - 30 % from cost of works successively. Thus system subpodrjadov at building, experts mark, also is under construction at all on search of the diligent executor. “ a problem of the Ministry of transport in its present kind as it is possible to believe, is maintenance of profitability of the private companies working in sphere of road building, instead of effective road building “ - it is told in the report. In the document also it is underlined that monetary calculations within the limits of operating system, obviously, are the main priority, while presence of the free market and a competition - “ unnecessary “ formality.
“ Individual criminal cases at mass character of plunders on building of highways specify that the given kind of works to a great extent is the form of the state financial support of the exclusive enterprises. Requirements of the Russian home market for development of road messages are ignored by officials “ - do a conclusion in IGSO.
Analysts of the market are assured that profile department is occupied today by service of private interests, instead of the decision of an immemorial Russian problem of bad roads. From here and unreasonably overestimated costs of a roadwork appearing in official documents. So, by estimates of the Union of engineers - smetchikov, in 85 % of cases cost of works is overestimated at least on 15 - 30 %. It is interesting to notice that thus the minister of transport Igor Levitin not later than in May of current year assured the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin that in the country here - here there will be a standard defining expenses for building 1 km of road - 10 million rbl. The question how the given statement will be co-ordinated by that, for example, cost of kilometre of a highway Krasnodar - Novorossisk has made 32 million the dollars, the first site of a line Moscow - St.-Petersburg - 65 million dollars, probably, should be carried to the category of the rhetorical.
it is not necessary to forget and that the road message - completely not unique “ an ancestral lands “ the transport ministry. However railway communication development, avia - and shipbuilding for today also is in a decadent condition. It is enough to tell that, for example, according to Transport strategy to 2030γ. In the country 20 730 km of new railroad lines, including high-speed on which two-storeyed cars should ply should be constructed. “ however because of an economic crisis and actions of a management of the Ministry of transport the big plans and remained on a paper “ - it is ascertained in the report. And the question has not been solved with fleet ageing in any way: as of the beginning 2009γ. On the country 50,6 % of the courts constructed to 1979γ plied. Thus the policy of the ministry is that - to update fleet is unprofitable: at a vessel construction for home market with import completing growth of cost of a vessel can make about 10 % whereas at vessel construction for duty export on import of accessories are not raised.
authors of the report especially notice not only that fact that optimum, pre-crisis time for modernisation of domestic transport branch has been missed, but also that today the branch actually functions “ on old stocks “ which exhaustion, as it is known, has occurred five more - six years ago. But, unfortunately, to count on positive changes at a present management of the Ministry of transport, obviously, it is not necessary, it is told in article “ the Independent newspaper “.