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Rosstat has fixed for the past week zero inflation

For a week from July, 12 till July, 18th Rosstat again has fixed zero inflation. Thus from the beginning of month consumer prices in the country have grown on 0,1 %, and from the beginning of year the rise in prices has made 5,1 %.
However, in comparison with previous year rates of inflation are still high: according to Rosstata, as a whole for July 2010. The prices have grown on 0,4 %, and from the beginning of year the rise in prices has made 4,7 %.
mutton has risen in price For 1 % for the last week. The prices for eggs have grown on 0,7 %, on chocolates, sugar, beef and canned meat - on 0,2 - 0,4 %.
Thus on the majority of foodstuff of the price for 7 days have decreased. Grechka became cheaper on 0,4 %, milk, cheeses, sunflower-seed oil, bread, a flour and rice - on 0,1 - 0,2 %. Reduction in price of fruit-and-vegetable production has on the average made 2 %, including the prices on belokochannuju cabbage have decreased on 12,3 %, on a potato - on 2,8 %, on onions - on 2,5 %.
the Prices for automobile gasoline have grown on 0,1 %, on diesel fuel - have not changed.
as Andrey Klepach has informed the day before zamglavy Ministry of economic development and trade, inflation in Russia following the results of a year can make about 6,5 %. While inflation goes more close to the bottom border of the annual forecast in 6,5 - 7,5 % - he has informed. As he said, the ministry within a month will spend an estimation of rates of inflation, and by its results the annual forecast can be reconsidered.
for today department keeps the annual forecast of inflation in a range 6,5 - 7,5 %. Following the results of 2010. Inflation has been fixed on a mark of 8,8 %.