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Google for half a year has earned 5,6 mlrd dollars

Net profit the Internet - corporations Google in I half-year 2012. Has made 5,675 mlrd dollars It on 31,9 % more than it has been fixed following the results of I half-year 2011. (4,304 mlrd dollars). Such data contain in the financial report of the company published on July, 20th of this year.
It is informed that the gain for the accounting period has made 22,859 mlrd dollars, having increased by 29,9 % in comparison with a similar indicator year before (17,602 mlrd dollars). The operational profit for 6 months has made 6,592 mlrd doll that on 27,3 % more than an indicator for the first half of the year 2011. (5,178 mlrd dollars).
Following the results of II quarter 2012. Net profit Google has made 2,785 mlrd dollars - on 11,2 % more than year before. Then it equaled 2,505 mlrd dollars
the Gain in April - June 2012. Has made 12,214 mlrd dollars that on 35,3 % more than during the similar period 2011. (9,026 mlrd dollars) . The operational profit for a quarter has made 3,203 mlrd doll that on 11,2 % more than an indicator for the similar period of the last year which has made 2,881 mlrd dollars
Google - American the Internet - the company to which posesses the search engine with the same name. Google also supports and develops a number the Internet - services and products. System Google operates more than 1 million servers in data-processing centres worldwide and daily processes more than 1 mlrd search inquiries. A staff - the corporation apartment is located in Mauntin - I Twist (the State of California, the USA).