Rus News Journal

Weekend the stock exchange has noted the falling beginning

the Auctions in the Russian share market have begun on July, 20th falling of leading share indexes. As of 10:15 Moscow time the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has fallen on 0,58 % - to 1426,22 points. RTS index has decreased to a mark 1406,19 points that on 0,55 % below level of closing of the last trading day.
as analysts MFTS consider, the affinity of local maxima and absence of strong players in the market prevent to grow to the Russian indexes, even when the positive is observed of its limits. But it gives the chance to be corrected by advancing rates at the slightest external deterioration. Meanwhile, according to analysts of YOKES the North - the Capital the external background before opening of the Russian stock market can be estimated as moderately negative.
the rouble to dollar has passed a mark 32, specifying in the following purpose around 31,5. Such sharp movement speaks not so much about improvement of positions of rouble, how many about their shortage in the market. So, new scale purchases of securities will not be: the financial system simply does not have money, and it is more interesting to bank sector to take place on MBK, than to risk, taking shares - analysts MFTS mark.
On the other hand, analyst IK Tserih Kepital Management Andrey Vernikov, on the contrary, is assured that events which could spoil mood to investors on the eve of days off, on horizon it is not looked through .
the Share auctions in the USA have come to the end on July, 19th with increase of leading indexes. Despite the statistics which has disappointed traders the corporate data has made on the American share market positive impact. Successful financial results have shown basically the highly technological companies.
positive corporate reports of such companies as IBM which actions, having added 3,8 %, yesterday became leaders of growth among blue counters From number a component of index Dow, the depressing data of the American macroeconomic statistics has moved. As it became known, the number of demands for the unemployment benefit in the USA has jumped up to the maximum marks in July and has exceeded forecasts, having confirmed statements of head FRS for weakness of a labour market. Besides, filadelfijsky the index of business activity in July has made - 12,9 points against the forecast in - 8 points. An anxious moment is the finding of this indicator below a zero mark the third month successively that it was not marked since the crisis period in 2008 - 2009 - O.Shagov marks.
following the results of the auctions on July, 19th of this year index Dow Jones has raised on 0,27 % - to 12943,36 points, index S &P has risen on 0,27 % - to 1376,51 points, and index Nasdaq has grown on 0,79 % - to 2965,90 points.
the share auctions in Europe on July, 19th 2012. Have come to the end with growth of the basic indexes against positive results of the published corporate reporting.
The Bundestag of Germany has approved participation of the country in a package of the help for banks of Spain in the size of 122,9 billion dollars (473 deputies of the lower chamber have voted for, 97 - against). But Spain - not a problem, for half a year it is accepted four packages of rigid economy, all of them are carried out. The present problem in respect of help reception is Greece. In August the exit of the shocking report from the commission of the experts representing of three creditors is expected: the European Union, the European central bank (ETSB) and the International currency fund (IMF). This report can start mechanisms of an exit of Greece from an eurozone - A.Vernikov warns.
share indexes Asian - Pacific region decrease today. Japanese index Nikkei by data at 10:00 Moscow time has fallen to 1,37 %, the Hong Kong index Hang Seng has fallen on 0,04 %, and Chinese Shanghai Composite has lost 0,49 %.
Quotations of futures on oil continued to grow yesterday. The official price for oil WTI at the auctions in New York on July, 19th 2012. Has raised on 2,79 dollars and has made 92,66 dollars/ barr. The official price for oil Brent following the results of the auctions in London has increased by 2,64 dollars and has reached 107,80 dollars/ barr.