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Rosneft became co-owner NGK Itera

Rosneft has acquired the right directly to dispose 6 % of actions NGK Itera it is told in the company message. We will remind that in April 2012. The federal antimonopoly service (FAS) has satisfied petition NK Rosneft about purchase of 51 % of actions NGK Itera .
As has explained a source close to NGK Itera acquisition of 51 % Rosneft will occur in frameworks before the declared creation of joint venture which should become the third on size the Russian manufacturer of gas after Gazprom and NOVATEKa.
the Agreement on creation of the joint venture of Open Society NK Rosneft and Open Company NGK Itera have concluded in February 2012. It is supposed that the joint venture basis will be made by gas actives of Group Itera - 49 % of Open Society Sibneftegaz 49 % of Joint-Stock Company Purgaz 67 % in Joint-Stock Company Uralsevergaz - NGK and also belonging Open Societies NK Rosneft gas deposits of Kynsko - Chaselsky group. Transfer to the joint company of other gas actives of Open Society " further is supposed; NK Rosneft . As a result already at the initial stage total taken stocks of liquid hydrocarbons and joint venture gas will make about 60 million tons and nearby 1,2 trln cubic m accordingly. Within the next years the incorporated company can extract and realise from above 40 mlrd cubic m of gas of own extraction a year.
the created joint venture will provide a reliable platform for successful realisation of gas strategy of shareholders and will create the effective tool for a monetization of the gas extracted on deposits Rosneft and Itera . We hope for high efficiency of teamwork - head NK of that time " has noted; Rosneft Edward Hudajnatov.
In turn chairman of board of directors NGK Itera Igor Makarov has declared that joint venture creation will allow to unite potential and most effectively to use strategic advantages of both partners. we count that the joint venture becomes a leader of the Russian market of independent manufacturers of gas - I.Makarov has noted.
Open Society NK Rosneft - the largest Russian oil company, one of leading public oil and gas corporations of the world. Activity principal views Rosneft investigation and oil recovery and gas, manufacture and sale of oil products and petrochemistry production are.
Kynsko - the Chaselsky licence site is in Krasnoselkupsky area Jamalo - Nenets autonomous region. In structure Kynsko - the Chaselsky licence site there are 6 deposits - Kynsky, Fahirovsky, Is new - Chaselsky, Naumovsky, Ust - and Verhne - Chaselsky. Total stocks of Kynsko - Chaselsky group make 40,2 million tons of oil and 284,2 mlrd cubic m of gas.
NGK Itera - one of the largest independent manufacturers and sellers of natural gas in the Russian Federation. With 1998. Itera develops own gazodobychu in Jamalo - Nenets autonomous region. The company invested in development of gas branch more than 2 mlrd US dollars. Itera became the first private company which has placed in operation gas deposits in the north of Russia. In total on the deposits developed Itera it is extracted nearby 250 mlrd cubic metre of natural gas.
Joint-Stock Company Purgaz (Open Company NGK Itera - 49 %, Open Society Gazprom - 51 %) develops Gubkinsky gazokondensatnoe a deposit (Jamalo - Nenets joint-stock company), current volume of gas production - 15 mlrd cubic m of gas the year, the proved stocks of gas - more than 216 mlrd cubic m. Quantity of extracting chinks - 95.
Open Society Sibneftegaz (Open Company NGK Itera - 49 %, Open Society NOVATEK - 51 %) has licences for working out Coastal, Pyrejnogo, Hadyrjahinsky and Western - the Polar deposit (Jamalo - Nenets joint-stock company), current extraction - 10,3 mlrd cubic m of gas the year, the proved stocks of gas - 490 mlrd cubic m. Quantity of extracting chinks - 75.
Joint-Stock Company Uralsevergaz - NGK (Open Company NGK Itera - 67 %, the government of Sverdlovsk area - 30 %) are the key supplier of natural gas in Sverdlovsk area.