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Firing in the Joint Staff translates economy of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea on peace rails

Behind sudden resignation vitse - Whether the marshal of En Ho, one of the most influential representatives of a military top of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, discharge of military men from control over economy of the North Korea and the beginning of economic reforms will follow, reports Reuters referring to a source having access to a management by Democratic People`s Republic of Korea and China. In the message reliability of the source which has in advance informed in 2006 is especially underlined. About fast carrying out of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea nuclear tests.
we will remind, Whether that some days ago En Ho not only has been sent in resignation from a post of the chief of the Joint Staff, but also deduced from structure of Presidium of the Political bureau and the Political bureau of Labour party of Korea (TPK), and also discharged of a post vitse - the chairman of the Central military commission of party. Later it became known that at attempt to deduce retired vitse - the marshal from its office firing with security guards of the disgraced boss during which time some tens persons were lost has flashed. Including, probably, Whether also En Ho.
As has informed source Reuters, Whether En Ho was very close to Kim Jong II and had a reputation for the ardent supporter of a principle military men - first of all and the main opponent of transfer of control over national economy in hands civilians ministers.
till now the government had no word right in economic problems. National economy was completely supervised by military men, but now position will change - interlocutor Reuters has noted.
As he said, at the government of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has already appeared responsible for bureau national economy, and in TPK under the order of its present head Kim Chen Yna it is already created special group of economic reforms . Who exactly will head the governmental bureau and party group while it is not known, but, according to source Reuters, it is entrusted to their members to study experience of carrying out of reforms in economy and agriculture of China.
in economic policy of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea many experts connect changes with pressure of a management of the Peoples Republic of China. In Beijing seriously are afraid that without reforms the economy of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea can simply fail, and it threatens China with inflow of refugees and in addition deprives of its ally serving by the buffer between China and armies standing in South Korea of the USA.
we will remind also that on July, 18th Kim Chen Ynu has been appropriated a rank of the marshal of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea.