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the Electronic dispatcher from Russia can press Boeing and Thales

Diamond - Antej can press Boeing and Thales in the market of manufacture of the newest control systems of air traffic (Department of Internal Affairs). As have informed in the Russian company, the concern carries on negotiations with the CIS countries, the Near East and Latin America for delivery of the newest control system by air traffic Synthesis - 3 .
the So-called electronic dispatcher considerably increases time for acceptance of the emergency decision. The system, in particular, allows to predict possible collisions in air some hours prior to their occurrence. Present Russian means of the Department of Internal Affairs mark the conflict of aircrafts of all for 15 - 20 minutes before collision.
system testing was spent in Khabarovsk territory in 2011. In Khabarovsk the project is finished. The integrated centre of the Department of Internal Affairs into which structure enter a complex of means of automation of air traffic control Synthesis - 3 KSA Synthesis - PIVP and the system of switching of speech communication, is in regular operation - the representative of concern has informed. He has added that centre modernisation now is spent, the newest radio engineering means which will allow to establish control over air space of all Far East are installed.
in new system decision-making by the dispatcher should be based on the recommendations developed by the computer complex, the representative of concern " has noted; Diamond - Antej . Thus, the computer itself calculates, as it is more successful to dissolve planes. Systems of such level in the large foreign centres are used for air traffic control, for example in the top air space of Northern Europe (the Maastrihsky centre), Italy (the Milan and Roman centres) or England (the London centre) - the interlocutor has added.
diamond - Antej carries on negotiations for delivery of the given system of the Department of Internal Affairs with potential customers abroad, have added in the company. Now in the international market the powerful companies, such as Boeing (USA) and Thales (France), entering into the twenty of the largest companies of the world dominate.
cost of the given complex the representative of concern has refused to name, having noticed only that it is expensive enough system. At the same time experts estimate cost of the complex established in Khabarovsk, in 10 - 15 million dollars Thus the price of similar systems abroad in 4 - 5 times above.
Open Society Concern air defence Diamond - Antej It is created in 2002. On the basis of NPO Antej . The concern, in particular, develops and makes is antiaircraft - rocket complexes (ZRK) antiaircraft and antimissile defence. Other line of activity is working out of the radar-tracking technics, the automated control systems of air traffic and the equipment for transport.