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A.Siluanov has refused “ to climb in a pocket of following generations “

the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation acts categorically against idea about cancellation of a memory part of pension, the head of department Anton Siluanov has informed journalists. “ If we now increase at the expense of memory system distributive, we pick pocket following generations. Besides in the long term from - for a demography the distributive system will not survive “ - he has told.
the memory system will allow to level a situation which should develop in the Russian Federation in some years when the number working will be less, than now, the minister has noted.
Besides, cancellation of a memory part will mean instability of the policy spent by the government in pension system, A.Siluanov has underlined. “ we have made recently the decision on memory system - has passed, probably, less than 10 years. If we refuse it is a bad omen for investors. Anyway we should speak about increase of taxes because the distributive system in the conditions of such demography will not balance the Pension fund budget " after a while; - it has explained.
earlier the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation Maxim Topilin informed that its department considers possibility of transformation of obligatory memory making pension system in the voluntary.
meanwhile in the end of June 2012γ. The former Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin has expressed opinion that sooner or later the Russian authorities should go on pension age increase. By words eks - heads of the Ministry of Finance, a choice at the government simply are not present: the further, the more means it is necessary to spend for a covering of deficiency of the Pension fund.
“ a demographic problem for our country even more sharply, than in other countries. We already spend in a year for deficiency of the Pension fund trillion roubles, and on a construction of roads in the country - 350 billion If we did not spend for the Pension fund, we three times would construct roads " is better; - A.Kudrin has explained.
according to the message of the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin about the budgetary policy in 2013 - 2015γγ. The government of the Russian Federation should present offers on parametres of development of pension system not later than September 2012γ. Corresponding parametres should be considered in the budget project on 2013γ. And for the planned period 2014 - 2015γγ. The developed parametres urged to provide reliability of pension system and long-term equation taking into account demographic changes in population structure.