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The Russian market could not be kept again in green to a zone

the Auctions on the Russian share platforms have begun today insignificant growth of leading indexes. However after some hours after the beginning of trading session of the quotation of the majority of blue counters have left on negative territory.
as of 15:35 Moscow time the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has gone down on 0,95 % - to 1362,06 points. RTS index has fallen to a mark 1427,07 points that on 1,29 % below level of closing of the last trading day. Index RTS Standard decreases on 1,03 % - to 9324,92 points.
the chief of analytical department of the company NetTrader. ru Bogdan Zvarich notices that today the auctions on the Russian platforms have opened attempts of correctional dynamics that has allowed a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index to approach to level of 1380 points closely. However deterioration of an external background therefore intensity of sales has amplified further was outlined, decrease has renewed, and to the middle of day the market has left under levels of closing of the last week. Morning correctional growth was limited first hour of the auctions, when to bulls it was possible to deduce a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index to level of 1380 points, then negative dynamics of the European platforms and the market of energy carriers where futures for oil of mark Brent have punched level 75 dollars/ barr., has returned the initiative in hands bears the expert speaks.
as a result, as he said, the market has left on negative territory not only concerning yesterday`s closing, but also concerning levels of the last week. thus the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index has reached minima of Monday, on August, 16th, breakdown which will tell about probability of continuation of descending movement. It is necessary to notice that the movement purpose downwards has changed, having moved together with the ascending trend constructed on minima of May and July, to level of 1340 points. breakdown this trend will signal about an exit from the developed consolidation in the form of a converging triangle and the beginning of intermediate term negative dynamics - has concluded B.Zvarich.
In turn analyst IK Tserih Kepital Management Oleg Dushin notices that the market finishes week ambiguously. In these conditions there are no accurate stimulus for steady growth. supports on a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange index are located on marks of 1364 and 1353 points. If Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange level in 1353 points now keeps the market, we assume a return turn on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange - 1406 points. Following the results of the American session it is expected negative opening on Monday, on August, 23rd - has underlined O.Dushin.