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The Ministry of Agriculture: Russia does not intend to import grain in 2010.

the Representative of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Oleg Aksenov has informed that the Russian Federation will not import grain during the current year. According to the official, for maintenance of needs of the population own stocks of grain will suffice the country.
O.Aksenov also has noticed that hearings about the beginning of deliveries of foreign grain to Russia have been started up by unfair participants of the market for creation of the raised demand.
on the eve of Grain council of the USA has published the data, according to which as a result of a drought in 2010. Russia has lost about 20 % of a crop. The American analysts consider that during the current year the volume of import of grain to the Russian Federation will make 1,5 million tons. Experts assume that Russia will buy grain in the CIS countries where the crop not so has strongly suffered from - for droughts. As the basic supplier Kazakhstan is called.
we will remind, on August, 15th 2010. In the country the interdiction for grain export has come into force. Restriction which according to the decision of the government of the Russian Federation operates till December, 31st, extends on wheat and meslin, barley, a rye, corn, and also wheaten and pshenichno - a rye flour.
last month the government of the Russian Federation has made the list of products of the first necessity, for which relation maximum permissible retail prices can be established. According to the first vitse - a premiere of the Russian Federation Victor Zubkov to use the mechanism of restraint of the prices it is not necessary: it comes into effect, when growth of retail prices for these products makes more than 30 percent within 30 days on end.
In the meantime articles of food continue to rise in price in many regions of Russia. The prices grow first of all on bakery products and groats.