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Gazprom and Petrogas of Ukraine do the second attempt of creation of the joint venture

Gazprom and Petrogas of Ukraine have begun a new round of negotiations about joint venture creation. About it it became known following the results of the Moscow meeting of the chairman of the board of Gazprom Alexey Miller and the Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine Yury Bojko. It was a question of development of strategic partnership of the companies. During a party meeting have expressed satisfaction a course of interaction of Open Society Gazprom and NAK Petrogas of Ukraine within the limits of long-term contracts on delivery and gas transit.
Gazprom and Petrogas of Ukraine discuss possibility of stage-by-stage association of the companies. As A.Miller has declared on June, 25th, the Russian company already does offers on concrete deposits which can be brought in the joint venture. The head of corporation has noticed that it is a question of major fields.
It is supposed that the Ukrainian party will bring in joint venture gas-transport and dobychnuju systems Petrogas of Ukraine . In turn Gazprom should bring more major fields. If cost of the Ukrainian actives reaches, for example, 800 mlrd roubles Russia will bring in the joint venture actives for the same sum or on 1 trln roubles.
we will remind, on April, 30th 2010. In Sochi following the results of session of committee concerning economic cooperation Russian - the Ukrainian interstate commission of premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has suggested to unite Gazprom and Petrogas of Ukraine . This offer has caused an extensive discussion of the Russian and Ukrainian authorities and experts.
A.Miller has noticed that association will be built on the basis of an exchange of actives on all gas chain - from geological prospecting before distribution to end users. This very day the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov has informed that the Ukrainian party is ready to consider the Russian initiative.
the subsequent discussion of a question occurred at political level. The president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych has declared that association of Gazprom and Petrogas of Ukraine it is impossible. As he said, creation of the joint venture with equal participation of partners would be interesting, however Moscow hardly will go on such scenario. In turn the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has reminded that Gazprom costs nearby 150 (by the lowermost estimation) or 200 mlrd dollars, whereas the price of the Ukrainian corporation it is less .
According to the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Sergey Shmatko, a question on association should be solved at first at corporate level. Only after that speech can go about political support of a question by the authorities of two countries.