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For January - July 2012. Russians became richer on 2,9 %

On 2,9 % have grown in January - July 2012. In comparison with the similar period of last year real had monetary incomes of the population of the Russian Federation (incomes minus the obligatory payments, corrected on a consumer price index), it is informed in the operative report of Federal Agency of the state statistics (Rosstat). In July of this year this indicator has grown on 2,2 % in comparison with July 2011., and in comparison with June 2012. - has decreased on 3,8 %.
the Monthly average added salary in July 2012., According to preliminary data, has made 27219 roubles and in comparison with July 2011. Has grown on 16,3 %, in January - July 2012. - on 15,2 %.
In I half-year 2012. Level of the monthly average added salary of workers of public health services and granting of social services has made to its level in processing manufactures of 83 %, educators - 78 % (in I half-year 2011. - Accordingly 80 % and 71 %).
Total debts on a salary on a circle of observable kinds of economic activities for August, 1st 2012. Has made 2161 million roubles and in comparison with July, 1st 2012. Has increased by 187 million roubles (9,5 %).
For August, 1st 2012. The delayed debts on a salary in comparison with July, 1st 2012. Has decreased in 30 subjects of the Russian Federation, has grown in 37 subjects, was absent in 9 subjects, it was formed in 3 subjects, remained without change in 4 subjects of the Russian Federation.
debts from - for untimely receptions of money resources from budgets of all levels on a circle of observable kinds of economic activities for August, 1st 2012. Has made 32 million roubles, or 1,5 % of total amount of the delayed debts on a salary.
From total amount of debts from - for budgetary underfinancings of 48,3 % 7,8 % - on budgets of subjects of the Russian Federation and 43,9 % - on local budgets were necessary on the federal budget.
from a total sum of the delayed debts of 474 million roubles (21,9 %) it is necessary on the debts formed in 2011., 520 million roubles (24,0 %) - in 2010. And earlier.
we Will remind, during spent by research holding ROMIR in August 2012. Poll of 77 % of Russians have declared that undertake nothing to be protected from crisis and its consequences. Thus more than half of respondents admitted that they have simply nothing to rescue.