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Germany will not take pity on Greece

Germany will not go on essential change of agreements with Greece, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany has informed Gido Vestervelle following the results of a meeting with the Greek colleague Dimitrisom Avramopulosom, transfers Reuters.
G.Vestervelle`s Comments have followed after the information that Greece is going to ask about prolongation of term of the program of the international help for two years.
It is expected that the prime minister - the minister of Greece Antonis Samaras will initiate prolongations for two years of term of radical economic reforms at a meeting with German chancellor Angela Merkel and the president of France Francois Ollandom in Berlin on August, 23rd of this year Transformations have been co-ordinated earlier with the European union, the International currency fund (IMF) and the European central bank (ETSB).
According to D. Avramopulosa, the government of Greece in some weeks will publish the program of the reforms, called to save 11,7 mlrd euro and to satisfy the requirements of the international creditors which are put forward in exchange for granting of the help.
According to current conditions of granting of the help of Greece, the country should reduce a budgeted deficit to 2,1 % of gross national product in 2014. From 9,3 % in 2011. Assignment from the European Union and IMF depends on success of carrying out in Greece structural reforms.
on August, 13th of this year the high-ranking German politician has declared that a policy last chance concerning Greece more it is not well-founded and it will not be applied. we have reached for a long time points when Greeks should show that they are capable to make transition to rails of budgetary economy - the representative of governmental fraction HDS in the Bundestag Michael Fuks has informed, making comments on a position of Germany concerning granting to Athenes the further financial help. According to M. Fuksa, Germany can block allocation of credit tranches of Greece if there will be signs of that the country does not carry out undertaken before partners in an eurozone.
in September 2012. The three of the international creditors of Greece (Eurocommission, ETSB, IMF) will make the decision concerning allocation to Athenes of the next credit tranche within the limits of the second program of the financial help in volume 130 mlrd euro. At the moment the international creditors of Athenes expect the report of group of auditors working in Greece.
earlier Merkel`s chancellor A. declared that refusal of allocation to Athenes a credit tranche (that in turn will actually lead to an exit of Greece from eurozone structure) bears in itself considerable risks for financial health of all block, however A.Merkel`s given position finds not enough support at representatives of the coalition government of Germany who insist on carrying out more tough policy concerning Athenes. So, last weeks representatives of a German coalition repeatedly noticed that consider an exit of Greece from structure of a zone of euro as comprehensible a variant. Separate German politicians even named term during which it should occur, - by the end of current year.