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Macedonia reproaches the USA

Bulgaria and Macedonia consider the regional initiative on joint fight against terrorism and will address for support in this question to EU and the NATO. The prime minister has declared it - the minister of Macedonia in Sofia Ljubcho Georgievsky. He also has informed that during its meeting with the president of Bulgaria Peter Stoyanov of the party have come to a conclusion that the international community should listen more attentively to arguments Skopje concerning latest developments in Macedonia. The USA and their allies operated till now concerning the Albanian terrorists insufficiently firmly, the head of the Macedonian government has underlined.
two slavic states, for one of which the terrorism problem is at least not less actual, than for the USA, have chosen obviously right moment for the coordination meeting. Though also local.
it is appreciable that Macedonia wants to specify to the United States what they are involved in dangerous progress of so-called Liberation army of Kosovo as when - that were involved and in a birth of movement the Taliban. And that there is no guarantee that soon in the south of Europe the will not be established is religious - a fanatical mode.
from vyshenapisannogo it is necessary to add that revision of a policy of double standards of the USA, including concerning support of certain modes should be one of lessons of acts of terrorism in New York and Washington.