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The former military man of the Bundeswehr has appeared the terrorist

Searched in connection with terrorist attacks to the USA 26 - the summer Said Bahadi trained at the Hamburg institute of technology, passed military service in the Bundeswehr. Bahadi, the Moroccan by origin, had the German citizenship, served in 72 - m a motor-infantry battalion in Hamburg from January till May, 1999, then has been dismissed on a state of health. According to FBI, Bahadi contacted with two prospective participants of acts of terrorism in New York and Washington, Mohammed Atta and Maruanom Al - Shahhi who studied in Hamburg. As consider, it helped them with reception of the American visa. There are assumptions that now Bahadi is in Pakistan.
we will remind, earlier the Institute of technology of Hamburg has informed that seven students or the former students of this educational institution are listed suspected of the organisation and execution of acts of terrorism in the USA. Among the people mentioned in the list two were lost as a result of acts of terrorism, mark in FBI. These are aforementioned 33 - the summer Mohammed Atta who was aboard the Boeing - 767 following flight 11 American Airlines and skyscraper VTTS running into northern tower, and Maruan Al - Shahhi which were aboard United Airlines, flying flight 175 and running into southern tower VTTS. Mohammed Atta was born in the United Arab Emirates. With 1992 for 1999 he studied at Institute of technology of Hamburg where has received the diploma of the expert in building and city planning. During the training it repeatedly on months was absent on to the family reasons . So, in 1995. He for 4 years has left educational institution walls, then has returned to finish training. 23 - summer Maruan Al - Shahhi studied at faculty of a seamanship since winter 1999 till September 2000.
Also, one of the terrorists, concerning Germany and, in particular, to Hamburg, the missing person 26 - the summer Lebanese Ziad Dzharra, presumably were aboard, broken near to Pittsburgh is. The federal Office of Public Prosecutor of Germany has established that during certain time of Dzharra studied in Hamburg and from time to time visited Bochum, then in 2000. Has left Germany and passed a course of flight business in Florida. The German inspectors also have informed that during a search in apartment of girlfriend Dzharry they had been found proofs - the documents concerning stolen planes .