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In Volgograd proceeds struggle for the Central stadium, whose territory is recommended by commission FIFA under building of new arena for the World championship on football - 2018, the applicant for participation in which is Volgograd. The regional court has upheld the decision of the Central regional court on alienation of stadium at the former proprietors - the companies, affilirovannyh with deputy Oleg Mikheyev. However mister Mikheyev has declared that dispute will be continued in the higher judicial instances.
yesterday Oleg Mikheyev`s lawyers have confirmed that they will submit the complaint to the Supreme court. The company Darsi affilirovannaja with Oleg Mikheyev and were the owner of the Central stadium, it do not agree with the decision of the Central regional court of Volgograd on withdrawal at it stadium and its return to city property and area. The court has made such decision on December, 8th of last year, and on March, 14th this year cassation definition of judicial board on regional court civil cases where Open Company " has addressed; Darsi this decision is left without changes. approximately in two weeks our lawyers will receive cassation definition then will make the complaint in the Supreme court - have informed yesterday in a press - Oleg Mikheyev`s service. The same position was confirmed also with Oleg Mikheyev: As any illegal decision, we will appeal against against it in the highest authorities .

we Will remind, struggle for the Central stadium has begun last year when Volgograd was included into the list of cities - applicants for participation in CHM on football - 2018, and territory on which it is located, has been recommended under building of arena for CHM - 2018. The command of former governor Anatoly Brovko in 2011 has not agreed with owners of stadium about object purchase. Its proprietor was Open Company Darsi And before Open Company Optstroj - both companies affilirovany with the deputy of the State Duma Oleg Mikheyev. Mister Brovko declared that Oleg Mikheyev ostensibly demanded too high sum for the stadium repayment, but the businessman denied it, asserting that offered administrations of mister Brovko four variants of the decision of dispute, but the answer has not received.

new turn has occurred after Vladimir Putin`s made in May, 2011 in Volgograd statement. Volgograd we will precisely leave, how without Stalingrada to win? - the prime minister about CHM has told. In the summer about stadium there were pickets of the youth demanding from Oleg Mikheyev to return stadium and in the autumn in the Central regional court started processes, in which result the company Darsi has lost a construction. At first, on October, 14th, the court had been cancelled the decision under the property right to stadium for Open Company Optstroj (the predecessor of Open Company Darsi ) . And on December, 8th, under the claim of Office of Public Prosecutor, has been cancelled and the previous transaction 15 - summer prescription on which the municipality of Volgograd has transferred to the possession stadium of sport club the Rotor which then also has conceded stadium for debts to the companies, affilirovannym with Oleg Mikheyev. The court has made decision to obtain on demand stadium with a complex of sport structures and constructions from another`s illicit possession and to transfer in equal shares on 50 % to administrations of the region and Volgograd. Oleg Mikheyev named it rejderskim capture .

it is necessary to notice that the new governor of region Sergey Bozhenov who has entered a post in February of this year, critically estimated power the way of withdrawal of the property also promised to agree with Oleg Mikheyev. it is bad practice - to take and take away. Whatever was the proprietor, anyway it is necessary to agree and compensate losses. And to pull out with meat - from such vicious practice we leave . Mister Bozhenov also asserted that conversation on stadium with Oleg Mikheyev already was, and we will come to an adequate estimation and the adequate decision .

Yesterday in a press - service of regional administration on a situation did not make comments. But the interlocutor close to process, has explained: the Decision on stadium withdrawal is accepted and has entered validity so administrations of the region now nothing prevents to prepare for the championship. In the near future competition on designing of new object will be declared. Even if the former proprietors will manage to win dispute in the Supreme court, it any more will not cancel the begun process of designing and building. Hardly owners will go on political scandal with championship failure - it will be more favourable to agree - he has told. In regional court yesterday have confirmed that though the former owners of stadium and have the right to challenge in a supervising order the decision of regional instance, the district court decision on - former in validity.

it is a pity that so anybody and could not understand that a sensation round the Central stadium and attempt to withdraw it at the lawful owner only stir to World championship carrying out on football in Volgograd - Oleg Mikheyev speaks. Sports expert Alexander Melnikov believes that conflict escalation is undesirable to Volgograd. the definitive list of cities - participants is not defined yet, and organizers of the championship watch closely a situation. Problems with the territory reserved under stadium can generate questions on expediency of investments of means to Volgograd. As among cities - applicants is such who already are now ready to CHM better, than - the corresponding airports, roads, stadiums so, demand where smaller investments " have Volgograd; - the expert has noticed.