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the Harmony - Service Open Society Autovase " has left a loss

the Largest dealer; the Harmony - Service has received following the results of 2011 more than 378 million roubles of profit whereas year before the company has worked at a loss. The appreciable part of incomes has had on the dividends received by the company from under control it is service - the marketing enterprises which in the last some years did not bring appreciable financial bonuses. On the Autovase connect reception of profit with the begun optimisation of work it is service - a marketing network. Branch analysts do not expect sharp jump of financial indicators the Harmony - Service in 2012, believing that in many respects results will depend on the receipt of actions of branches received by the company.
in the accounting report for 2011 the Harmony - Service has informed on reception of net profit at a rate of an order of 278,3 million roubles. The enterprise managed to improve considerably financial indicators - 2010 it has finished with losses in the sum of 174,4 million roubles.

Open Society the Harmony - Service (Open Society affiliated company Autovases ) Is the dealer holding largest in Russia which, according to a company site, unites more than 140 dealer centres. The enterprises the Harmony - Service specialise on realisation and service of cars LADA.

being, as a matter of fact, a management company, the Harmony - Service last year practically has not changed indicators of own gain in comparison with a year before last. It has made an order of 91 million roubles, basically, at the expense of rendering of consulting services. However in 2011 the Harmony - Service has received the essential income of the network it is service - the marketing centres. They have paid 186,2 million roubles in the form of dividends (7,85 million roubles following the results of 2010).

Thus in a press - the centre the Autovase have noticed that network sales volumes the Harmony - Service (more than 125 thousand cars, or an order of 22 % from sales of the Volga car factory in 2011. - ) Approximately correspond to level of 2010 . Thus in 2012 some decrease in a share of sales through Open Society " is predicted; the Harmony - Service at the expense of expansion of an independent dealer network .

last year the Harmony - Service has sold actions of affiliated and dependent societies, having received for them more than 334 million roubles. Also the company increased the percent of participation in five joint-stock companies and became the participant of five new Open Companies. As have noted on the Autovase, these steps the Harmony - Service will be co-ordinated with the confirmed strategy . It is planned that at the Autovase remains 35 - own 40 it is service - the marketing enterprises (now them nearby 60. - ), - have declared in a press - the car factory centre. - among these dealers there are only those companies which are really profitable and effective .

On the Autovase have noticed that the Harmony - Service Now is engaged improvement financially - economic activities it is service - a marketing network. The beginning of these actions on Volzhsk car factory explain considerable improvement of a material condition dealer daughters . We will note, last year the company has cut the expenses to 240,4 million roubles (552,25 million roubles in 2010). the Result of actions of re-structuring becomes stable tovaroprovodimost the enterprises of a network with the minimum risks for the supplier - announced in a press - the centre of the Volga car factory.

dividends the Harmony - Service following the results of last year, apparently, will not pay. The profit is planned to direct on network development dealer holding.

the director of analytical agency avtostat Sergey Tselikov connects profit reception Ladoj - Service last year with increase in sales of production the Autovase. Last year the automobile market in Russia has grown on 40 %, - the mister speaks Is whole. - It is expected that this year the market will grow up on 5 - 10 %. Thus on vazovskim to cars can be and falling as action of the program of recycling " has ended;. An analyst VTB the Capital Vladimir Bespalov, proceeding from forecasts of development of a car market this year, doubts in the big jump indicators the Harmony - Service in 2012. According to the expert, continuation of the begun optimisation of work of a network can positively affect financial results of 2012 the Harmony - Service . Mister Bespalov also has underlined that the appreciable part of profit of the company in 2011 was generated at the expense of sale of actions of affiliated and dependent societies. as a result, all is reduced to that, how many the Harmony - Service will receive from sale of affiliated companies - the expert speaks.