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Invisible probable

the History described by Herbert Wells in the novel the Person - the invisible being did not give rest, first of all, the military man - obviously that the invisible tank is better usual. Long time of working out were conducted in the most versatile areas, in particular in the field of quantum physics, electronics and optics. As a matter of fact, scientists puzzled over, how to close from a human eye an alien subject an electrowave method. The decision simple and original. It is now used even in Mercedes-Benz advertising:

the work Principle is improbably simple - on the one hand the car is pasted over with the numerous light-emitting diode gauges united in a uniform network. On the other hand the car - some qualitative videocameras. The image in real time is transformed and broadcast on a network of light-emitting diodes which in this case acts in a role of the big TV with the low permission. Accordingly, having hung up chambers and light-emitting diodes from two parties, we receive the invisible car, the tank, the house, everything. And invisibility of object from distance 50 - any more a fantasy.