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The regional policy

Supporters of the former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation spravorossa Oleg Sheyin who has lost elections of the mayor of Astrakhan on March, 4th, have begun termless hunger-strike on Friday, protesting against the decision of election committee and demanding to cancel results of elections. According to the official data of municipal electoral committee, on elections of the mayor United Russia party member Michael Stoljarov who has typed 60 % of voices has won. Sheyin became the second, having received hardly less than 30 %. Subsequently esery have declared that do not recognise results of elections as mass infringements took place during counting of votes. According to Oleg Sheyin, local representatives Fair Russia have already prepared a number of requirements and the references which execution can become an occasion to the hunger-strike termination, among them - dissolution of territorial, city and regional election committees, investigation of infringements on sites and cancellation of results of elections of the mayor. Occasions and the bases for satisfaction of their requirements can appear after their objections and the requirement will be considered in court. And in court they did not address - the chairman of the Astrakhan regional election committee Igor Korovin has commented on a situation.