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K.Lagard: Money of IMF there will be no on rescue of all eurozone

Money of IMF will not suffice on the decision of problems which can arise from - for crisis. It has declared the head of fund Kristin Lagard in Washington where there passed a meeting of the countries of members of IMF, transfers Bi - bi - si.
Our possibilities in 400 mlrd dollars look sufficient today, but turn pale in comparison with potential financial needs of the astable countries during crisis - K.Lagard has told.
at the same time members of IMF have let out the communique in which have declared that the countries of an eurozone and IMF will make everything to resolve debt crisis and to provide financial stability in an euro zone as a whole.
the world economy has entered a dangerous phase, therefore we call for exclusive vigilance, coordination and readiness to make courageous decisions - it is told in the communique.
the IMF already assisting by three captured crisis the countries of an eurozone - Greece, Portugal and Ireland, - is ready to allocate if necessary additional financial support, however in the document its possible volume is not specified.
in spite of the fact that we are in different conditions, our economy and financial systems are closely connected, therefore we will make common cause to restore trust and financial stability, and also to revive world economic growth - it is told in the communique.
Besides, members of IMF have confirmed importance of reforms of financial sector and have expressed determination completely and in due time to realise them.
we will continue to make the co-ordinated efforts on strengthening of regulation of financial institutions, to create mechanisms for the ordered resolution of problems of financial institutions and elimination of the risks connected with shadow bank activity - it is told in the document.