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A.Kudrin: Pensioners will win from pension age increase

the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Alexey Kudrin considers that pension age increase will be favourable to the Russian pensioners. As he said, at the moment in the Russian Federation there is a deficiency of means for payment of pensions, however if pension age to increase, risks, accordingly, will decrease.
during conversation with journalists in Washington the head of the Ministry of Finance has reminded that in 2012. Deficiency of the Pension fund of Russia will exceed a mark in 1 trillion roubles. He has noticed also that it is not necessary to be afraid of this problem, and that in Russia a pension age problem exaggerate .
pension age Increase should be A.Kudrin is carried out gradually, assured. As the basic demographic complexities expect Russia through 10 - 15 years it is necessary for state to be guided by this term in a question on pension reform.
Earlier the head of the Ministry of Finance expressed opinion that if Russia will refuse pension age increase the country should raise taxes. As he said, only in the last two days approximately 10 countries, including Ukraine, have changed pension age.
we will notice that increase of pension age for a number of the European countries is one of effective methods of struggle against economic crisis consequences. In particular, in the near future on this measure the government of Greece will go. In reply to measures of rigid economy the country will receive one more tranche of the financial help from the European Union and IMF.
the Baltic states have already resorted to pension age increase - Latvia and Lithuania, and also one of economic leaders of the European Union - France.
as to Russia, in the end of May 2011. The prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has declared that while necessities to raise pension age in the country are not present. Let`s look further at realities - through five, ten, 15 years - the head of the government has noted. Speaking about the European experience, V.Putin has underlined that Europeans live longer Russians. it is impossible to tear off a retirement from life expectancy in the country - the prime minister - the minister has concluded.
we will remind, in Russia a pension threshold record-breaking low - 55 years for women and 60 years for men. In the majority of the countries of the world people retire in 65 years, and the age qualification is identical to both floors. It is connected by that women though are considered as the weaker sex, on the average live longer men. We will notice that in Japan as men, and women retire in 70 years.