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I.Shuvalov has bragged of the tool for struggle against crisis

the Government of the Russian Federation the first possesses necessary tools for prevention of the second wave of financial crisis, 25 September vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov, acting on media - a forum in Moscow. the information from the world markets says that the next year will be difficult - he recognised.
at the same time I.Shuvalov has underlined that in 2008. The Russian authorities not only worked over liquidation of crisis consequences, but also developed scenarios of reaction to possible similar events in the future.
if such events repeat, we are ready to start to work immediately. We have financial resources to answer calls if they arise. And we know, what institutes to involve, what toolkit to use - the first has told vitse - the prime minister.
He has specified that it is a question not only of actions of Bank of Russia and the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, but also about the programs realised together with the Russian regions. I Hope, it is not necessary to involve such resources. But if events develop in the adverse image, we have an adequate answer - I.Shuvalov has concluded.
in the beginning of September 2011. vitse - the prime minister has been compelled to explain the first anti-recessionary measure of the government - approach to tariffs . Business asked for a long time us questions why the White house allows tariffs to advance inflation. This year we have agreed - unfairly - has declared then I.Shuvalov. He also has noticed that the decision on a delay of increase of tariffs of housing and communal services is not a pre-election course.