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A.Zhukov has denied increase in cost of the Olympic building

Vitse - the prime minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhukov named error the information on increase in cost of building of the Olympic objects in Sochi.
this error which I read day by day. I do not know, whence it has gone, cost of building what was, such it and remained - has told vitse - the prime minister, answering questions of journalists within the limits of all-Russian media - a forum in Moscow.
thus A.Zhukov has expressed confidence that all financial expenses will justify themselves. Economic benefit, in my opinion, enormous - he has underlined, having added that special carrying out of the Olympic games will have huge value for the Sochi which needs updating of a municipal, power and transport infrastructure.
the Vice-president of the government also has reminded that more recently in a city actually there was no water drain, and inhabitants of Sochi some times in a year for a long time remained without electricity. Besides, it was the summer resort, and now develops also mountain klaster - has noticed vitse - the prime minister.
we will remind, earlier there was an information that Minregion wants to increase twice the estimate of the Olympic building in Sochi. According to the project of the governmental decree developed by department, it was offered to raise the Olympic estimate with 144 to 304 mlrd roubles.