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Tatyana Golikova has reported for the future

the Minister of health and social development Tatyana Golikova yesterday has spent in the government House the board of the ministry first after presidential election. Read with the big solemnity by heart in the presence of the elected president and operating the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin the report and comments to it have completely convinced all: affairs in the ministry entrusted to madam Golikovoj so are convincingly good what to change it for other Minister of Health to anybody and in a head will not come.
yesterday in the government House on Krasnopresnensky quay there has passed expanded board Minzdravsotsrazvitija. For board carrying out was the biggest premise of the White house - this hall containing of some thousand of persons is chosen, in 80 - e years and in the beginning 90 - h years of the last century intended for sessions of the Supreme body of RSFSR. Yesterday the hall was full. Here officials of the ministries, under control departments, representatives of scientific personnel and the commercial enterprises of branch have gathered.

all these people have come for the sake of one: to hear from presidium of a hall reaction of premieres - minister Vladimir Putin already selected the president, on the report yet Tatyana Golikovoj not renominated the Minister of health and social development. And the prime minister - the minister, and the minister gathered has not disappointed.

Vladimir Putin has appeared is underlined is punctual - was late all for half an hour. And having appeared in a hall, the prime minister - the minister has said at once short speech from which followed that it is happy with work of Ministry of Health. the majority of voters has supported the transformations offered by us to social sphere - Vladimir Putin has underlined. But as an example the main success the ministries he named positive tendencies in a demography : As he said, since 2000 natural decline in population was reduced in 7,3 times, and life expectancy has increased almost for five years for short enough term. Also the prime minister has appeared is happy with federal and regional programs of support of families with children, which have already proved the efficiency .

From commissions of premieres - the minister followed that their present minister will execute. It was entrusted to it to develop the mechanism of grants to the families which level of the income is below an average on region, at a birth of the third and the subsequent children, and further to spend current increase of pensions to prepare long-term strategy of perfection of pension system on development of its memory component and to develop the mechanism of increase in the size of pension in case of its delayed registration.

Tatyana Golikova has answered an obvious arrangement of the prime minister with two-hour speech. The chetyrnadtsatistranichnyj report typed in small print, the minister has read on memory, without having got off never. The report contained six sections: a demography, public health services, labour relations, employment, invalids and social protection. Each of sections began with transfer of quantity indicators of achievements of the ministry. While Tatyana Golikova passed from section to section, public fell asleep, woke up, fidgeted, whispered. Vladimir Putin has sustained the report, without having stirred and without reducing eyes from the minister.

only in one place Tatyana Golikova has got off from monotonous intonation - she has indignantly informed on results of the analysis of the competence of scientific laboratories of Ministry of Health and the Russian Academy of Medical Science. From 5424 scientific laboratories only 199 published results of the works in rating magazines - there are laboratories which for last three years at all did not publish the researches in Russia, abroad. It means that today for many leading federal institutions the science became the facultative employment which is carried out in free from rendering of medical aid time - Tatyana Golikova has drawn a conclusion.

Definitive doubts expecting Tatyana Golikovoj Vladimir Putin`s resignation has dispelled right after end of its report: I Wait from you for the interested, active and effective work. I wish you successes .