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The IMF was disappointed in world economy prospects

the International currency fund (IMF) will lower the forecast of growth of world economy on 2012. It has declared on September, 24th 2012. The director of fund Christina Lagard, reports Reuters.
We on - former predict world economy growth, however it will be not such strong as we considered earlier - has informed K.Lagard.
as she said when the IMF made the forecast on 2012. Earlier, the most serious role in growth scoping was played by uncertainty among investors. Also the head of IMF has noted such important points, as debt crisis in the European union, intense political conditions in the near East and delay of growth of developing economy.
K.Lagard has informed that investors have initially been inspired by the government of EU and their readiness to avoid union disintegration. Now it is necessary to put earlier discussed measures in action, including to create the bank union. The head of IMF has called EU to start execution of projects immediately .
we Will remind, in the beginning of September the Organization of economic cooperation and development has lowered the forecast on growth of gross national product of countries G7 against distribution budgetary - debt crisis of an eurozone. In particular, the forecast on growth of gross national product of the USA following the results of 2012. Has been lowered with 2,4 to 2,3 %, reduction of gross national product of Germany, the largest economy of Europe, according to forecast OESR, it is expected with 1,2 to 0,8 %.
In the end of August the International rating agency Moody`s Investors Service has lowered look-ahead estimations of economic growth of the countries the Big twenty (G20) in 2012 - 2013. In connection with deterioration of prospects of developing economy of group. Economic growth G20 in 2012. Will make about 2,8 % (in comparison with 3 % which the agency predicted in April) and 3,4 % in 2013. (3,5 %) earlier were expected.