Rus News Journal

The size of the duty for oil export has exceeded 400 dollars for ton

the Export duty on crude oil since October, 1st 2012. Will grow on 6,4 % - to 418,9 dollars/ t about 393,8 dollars/ t in September 2012. The corresponding order was signed by the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.
the preferential rate of the export duty on oil from deposits of Eastern Siberia, two deposits of LUKOIL on Caspian sea, and also Prirazlomnogo of a deposit of Gazprom since October, 1st 2012. Will make 210,1 dollars/ t against 191,3 dollars/ t month before.
the Preferential duty on vysokovjazkuju the oil confirmed at a rate of 10 % from the general duty on oil, since October, 1st will raise to 41,8 dollars/ t about 39,3 dollars/ t in September.
the uniform rate of the export duty on light and dark oil products, except the gasolines, counted by a technique 60/ 66/ 90 since October, 1st 2012. Will make 276,4 dollars/ t against 259,9 dollars/ t in September. Thus the duty on the gasoline, 90 % kept at level from the duty on oil, in October will reach 377 dollars/ t (354,4 dollars/ t in September 2012.).
the Duty on szhizhennye hydrocarbonic gases (SUG) since October, 1st is confirmed at a rate of 172,5 dollars/ t against 76,2 dollars/ t month before.
we Will remind, since October, 1st 2011. Transition to a new design procedure of export duties to oil and oil products - so-called system " have been carried out; 60/ 66/ 90 . The rate of export duties on light and dark oil products is unified and pays off now with factor 0,66 (66 %) from the duty rate on oil. On oil by reduction of percent from a difference between the price of monitoring of oil and by cutting off from 65 % operating before the export duty simultaneously decreases to 60 %. Thus the factor of calculation of the rate of the protecting duty on gasolines makes 0,90 (90 %).