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Three oil deposits can be sold for 300 mlrd rbl.

Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources suggests to spend till the end of the year auctions on three largest unallotted oil fields on a land - a name of Shpilmana, Imilorsky and Boat, the newspaper " informs; News . Experts believe that the sum of transactions can reach to 300 mlrd roubles.
boat (stocks - 43 million t oil and 70 mlrd cubic m of gas) and Imilorsky (193 million t oil) deposits, and also a deposit of a name of Shpilmana (82 million t oil) in 2011. Have been transferred for actualisation of the data on stocks Rosneft to LUKOIL and to Surgutneftegaz . Under the information News in the end of July oil industry workers have given in Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources results spent by them dorazvedki stocks of three strategic deposits. According to the document, after the spent works changes of stocks on all three deposits it has not been revealed .
In LUKOIL To news have confirmed that dorazvedka the Imilorsky deposit it is finished ahead of schedule, having noticed that now the companies it will be easier to make the decision on participation or nonparticipation in auction when it will be declared . In Rosneft did not begin to make comments on results dorazvedki, having declared that the company will publish the interest after the announcement of conditions of auction. In Surgutneftegaz to receive the comment it was not possible.
we Will remind, three deposits located in Hunts - Mansijsky autonomous region and Krasnoyarsk region, - last large unallotted stocks of oil on a land in Russia. And oil industry workers waited for a long time already, when the state declares on them tenders. But terms were constantly transferred. Last time them planned to spend in the end 2011. The starting price for Boat has made 4,3 mlrd roubles, for Imilorsky - 20 mlrd roubles, for a deposit of a name of Shpilmana - 8,5 mlrd roubles. Competitions have not taken place - oil industry workers have considered the sums of payments overestimated and have addressed in the government with the request to reconsider them.
according to experts though dorazvedku deposits spent Rosneft LUKOIL and Surgutneftegaz it does not mean yet that other applicants for them will not be. According to an analyst of the company the Three Dialogue Valery Nesterov, the basic applicant for the Boat deposit will be Rosneft . However it does not exclude that the state company in this auction will compete to the multinational corporation - VR which also develops Suzunsky and Tagulsky deposits in this region. In the multinational corporation - VR have refused comments on this question.
according to analyst Raiffeisenbank of Andrey Polishchuka, in struggle for a deposit of a name of Shpilmana a competition to Surgutneftegaz can make Bashneft . Still in 2011. The head of this company Alexander Korsik declared interest to the given deposit, also as well as to Imilorsky, dorazvedku which LUKOIL conducted. Experts believe, what exactly for this active will be conducted serious struggle. The claims exactly one year ago declared and Gazprom oil . Yesterday in oil to a daughter Gazprom have refused comments, and in Bashnefti have declared that will make the decision when auction conditions " become known;.
the Total sum of starting payments for three deposits will make 32,8 mlrd roubles. Valery Nesterov from Three reminds that in February of current year LUKOIL has got at competition the Verhnejangarejsky site in Nenets joint-stock company, having increased the starting price in 120 times. According to Andrey Polishchuka from Raiffeisenbank, cost of stocks of deposits is estimated for today in $0,5 for barrel. According to experts, during auction the price of deposits can grow at 5-10 time, having reached 300 mlrd roubles.