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The commission of the president remains without supervision

the Public prosecutor of the Rostov region Valery Kuznetsov yesterday has been removed from a post and dismissed from bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor with the formulation for oath violation . The State Office of Public Prosecutor charges to it with the superficial relation to a situation with bankruptcy of the Don water company and the bad organisation of work of regional supervising department. Mister Kuznetsov does not make comments on the decision of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, however on Monday is going to return for work.
the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation last night has informed on Valery Kuznetsova`s clearing of a post and its dismissal from bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor on the official site. According to a press - to release, the order for dismissal was signed fulfilling duties of the public prosecutor by Alexander Buksman. As the dismissal reason have served the admitted rough oath violations of the public prosecutor which has entailed essential infringements of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens . In release, in particular, it is underlined that mister Kuznetsov has withdrawn from check of work of the Don water company (DVK), spent on the instructions of president Dmitry Medvedev, having entrusted its organisation to the zamam. Check has been spent superficially, and the information directed to the State Office of Public Prosecutor on its results signed by the assistant of the prosecutor of the region, did not contain a demanded estimation of the received data on activity DVK, and also data on legality of actions of local governments, regional service under tariffs of the Rostov region and the ministry housing - municipal services of the Rostov region, connected with activity of the specified society . After this the State Office of Public Prosecutor has given the additional commission about check DVK, however the Office of Public Prosecutor of the Rostov region properly has not executed it, and as a result company activity should be checked the exit commission of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, informs a press - department service. During check the commission has found out that within several years the group of citizens realised the scheme of plunders of means of the water supplying organisations of a municipal complex, including by criminal bankruptcy of the enterprises and a conclusion of money resources abroad. Simultaneously with it tariffs for utilities in a number of cities and areas, however " raised; arriving throughout last years in Office of Public Prosecutor of the Rostov region numerous references about the specified infringements of appropriate consideration did not receive .

Besides, the State Office of Public Prosecutor makes to the prosecutor of the region some more infringements - both in its own work, and the organisations of work of department as a whole.

Valery Kuznetsov has refused to make comments on the order on the dismissal. meanwhile I am the public prosecutor of the Rostov region and on Monday I come to work - he has informed . According to the sources close to the regional public prosecutor, in reception of this order it did not undersign and going to appeal against against it. Also mister Kuznetsov intends to finish all initiated by it after time discharge from a check post.

meanwhile possible resignation of mister Kuznetsova did not become the big unexpectedness. According to a source the order has been signed in advance and the disgraced public prosecutor knew about it. On March, 15th Valery Kuznetsov has been caused to Moscow, its meeting with a management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor yesterday has taken place. even during stay of the Don public prosecutor in capital in its study have replaced locks - has told a source close to the regional public prosecutor.

results of February office check of its activity for which time the Don public prosecutor has been temporarily discharged of the duties became the Formal occasion to resignation of mister Kuznetsova and has left on the hospital. Before, in October, 2011, the commission of the State Office of Public Prosecutor took out to it incomplete office conformity. Already then in Rostov hearings that Valery Kuznetsov will be dismissed went. As other interlocutor " tells; in the end of January, 2011 of the public prosecutor already caused to Moscow and suggested it to write the application at own will what mister Kuznetsov has refused.

we will notice that within a week before dismissal mister Kuznetsov has developed unknown activity. Leaving on March, 11th for work after the sick-list, the regional public prosecutor has had time to initiate a number of resonant checks. It has appointed the first order check of activity of officials of the regional ministry of housing and communal services, including minister Sergey Sidasha and its assistants, the assistant to governor Alexander Grebenshchikova (the former head of regional service under tariffs) and heads of Novoshakhtinsk, Mines, Zverevo, Gukovo, Zernograda, Red Sulina with which connivance, under the version of regional Office of Public Prosecutor, plunders of means DVK were made. It is Literally next day a press - the service of Office of Public Prosecutor declared the beginning of one more check of activity of officials of regional administration. This time in sight of public prosecutors Open Society " has got; Donenergo which structure of board of directors includes four assistants to the governor. The public prosecutor has suspected the power company of unreasonable overestimate of tariffs for an electricity, become by the reason of bankruptcy of some the municipal enterprises.

Valery Kuznetsov and own department has not disregarded, having demanded check of the fact of placing of the order for acquisition by apartment Office of Public Prosecutor in Rostov-on-Don in cost of 8,7 million rbl. for one of the assistants - Klimov`s Novel.