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The USA will toughen sanctions against the Iranian oil sector

Sanctions against the National Iranian oil company (NIOC) in the near future will be toughened. In additives to available restrictions (the interdiction for purchase of the Iranian oil for the American companies) to sanctions will undergo all foreign banks in territory of the USA, running business with NIOC, informs Reuters.
the Exchequer of the USA accuses NIOC that the company has been connected with “the Case of guards of Islamic revolution“ and “has concluded contracts on billions dollars, without observing competition principles“. We will notice that the USA have included this army formation in the list of the terrorist organisations.
as one of proofs the exchequer results appointment in 2011ã. On a post of the head of the Ministry of oil of Iran Rustama Kasemi who simultaneously was one of supervising persons in “ the Case “.
As informs the Iranian agency Mehr referring to a press - the secretary of the Ministry of oil, in department consider as one person of the state posts quite natural combination and employment in the non-governmental organisations. Nevertheless a press - the secretary has underlined that at present R.Kasemi is not connected with “ the Case “ and the ministry “rejects false charges“ Washington.
meanwhile the mode of sanctions against the foreign financial institutions connected with NIOC, will concern not all. Restrictions will not mention banks of those countries to which them have decided not to extend in advance in connection with critical importance of the Iranian oil deliveries. Among “exempts“ there was China, India and Japan - it gives a delay till the end of the year.
new sanctions are the next measure on restriction of the Iranian export of oil. The purpose of a similar policy - to force Teheran to stop working out of the nuclear program in connection with suspicions from the world community in working out of the nuclear weapon. Official Teheran insists on exclusively peace character of the program.