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In the Cat - d`ivuare - war of presidents

At once two persons simultaneously declared themselves presidents the Cat - D`Ivuara - the states in the West Africa - head of military junta correcting there general Robert Guej and the leader of oppositional Socialist party Lorent Gbagbo. In Sunday in this country have passed presidential election. However the election committee within several days did not disclose results of voting.
according to official figures, dictator Guej has bypassed the contender from Socialist party, having typed 52,72 % of voices against 41,02. However, according to opposition, results are obviously garbled. To elections the constitutional court of the country has not admitted the majority of parties before participation in elections, however even it could not provide an indisputable victory of the military mode correcting in the Cat d`ivuare of last 10 months. We will remind that general Robert Guej has come to power in the country in December of last year, having dethroned president Anri Konana Bede. Right after it he has promised to spend within 2000 democratic elections.
on Tuesday both applicants declared themselves in public selected presidents. And on Wednesday morning R.Guej has entered state of emergency and has given the order to armies to calm the population . And its contender has urged the people to build barricades. In the country excitements have begun. Military men apply a fire-arms and tear gas. Under last information, at least, ten persons are killed, about hundred have got wounds. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France, the European Union and the USA have sharply condemned actions of a military mode and have warned him against any attempt to counteract will of the people .