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Senators protokolno have supported Rutsky

the Federation Council did not begin to accept the reference to the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in connection with a situation round the governor of Kursk area Alexander Rutsky. Senators did not begin to spend voting and, under the offer of the speaker of Council of Federation Egor Stroev, protokolno have supported A.Rutsky`s request to the Supreme court of the Russian Federation to consider its complaint to the decision of regional court about its discharge from participation in elections. To make the decision under the complaint Rutsky asks the Supreme court before the second round planned for November, 5th.
the Federation Council has decided not to address also in the Constitutional court concerning conformity to the organic law of presidential initiatives on government reform. Such decision was accepted on Wednesday at session of committee of the Federation Council under the constitutional legislation and is judicial - to legal questions. According to the president of Chuvashiya Nikolay Fedorova, committee has decided to go by entering of amendments into laws and has given the commission to prepare to working group these amendments. the president of the Russian Federation - has told the Chuvash head, - is ready to correct itself some unconstitutional positions of the accepted laws such, as the right to dissolution of Legislative Assemblies of subjects of Federation, dissolution of municipal meetings and discharge of governors .
we Will remind that the governors, offering to address in KS, tried to bring this attention to the question on voting in committee of the Federation Council on the constitutional legislation twice. However to type quorum it it was not possible. On Tuesday upper chamber Council recommended to opponents of reforms of a vertical of the power to address in court in a private order. On Wednesday morning, before plenary session, the question on the reference in the Constitutional court has been solved definitively.
now at dissatisfied there was last chance. They can address in the Constitutional court from group of councillors of Federation. For this purpose it is necessary to get support approximately of the one fifth upper chamber - to collect 36 voices. However to find so much wishing to enter the open conflict to the president hardly it will be possible. Unlike plenary sessions in the Federation Council where voting is secret, under the statement in the Constitutional court everyone should put the surnames.