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The state will leave the Network alone

the State does not intend to interfere yet with sphere of control over activity the Internet - shops and organizers of auction trade in the Internet. This opinion has sounded on passed on the eve of conference Financial services and payments in the Internet . In particular, the director for special programs of company CyberPlat Alexander Evtjushkin has declared that earlier sounded statements of Federal Commission on Securities for illegality of all operations of exchange trade on the Internet at all do not concern the Internet - shops and the Internet - auctions. It was a question only of operations on the stock exchange with securities in the Internet. According to Federal Commission on Securities plans, all the Internet - stock exchanges should undergo registration and licensing procedure. Federal Commission on Securities it is assured that electronic platforms which actually fall under classification of the organizer of the auctions by the securities, operating without the corresponding licence for it, in any way do not promote decrease in risks in stock market. By words And. Evtjushkina, the Internet - platforms use real money in calculations which are not considered anywhere, therefore Federal Commission on Securities intentions to change a situation are quite natural. However regulation of activity the Internet - shops and auctions is not included at all into the Federal Commission on Securities competence. For today, according to CyberPlat, in Russia it is registered nearby 800 Internet - shops. Though really operating from them - 200 - 250. Calculations in them are conducted by means of a wide spectrum platzhnyh tools, including plastic cards. The turn of the payment systems providing clearing settlements by cards on the Russian Internet, makes about 1,5 mln. dollars in a month.