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Flooding the World again in doubt

the Government of Russia considers a question on additional assignments for station maintenance the World at a rate of 750 million roubles. On October, 26th, within the limits of consideration of a question on budget execution in 2000, the government should confirm assignments for orbiting station support the World at the expense of additional incomes of the budget.
the first deputy minister of the finance Alexey Uljukaev has already sent to the government the letter in which it is informed on possibility within the limits of expenses of the budget till the end of current year to allocate to Russian Aviatsinno - to Space Agency these means at the expense of additional incomes. In the same document it is specified that in the budget project on following, 2001, financing of space branch it is increased concerning initial figures for 500 million roubles. Thus, the total sum allocated for development of a space, has reached 4 billion 570 million 900 thousand roubles.
as have noted sources in the government, the final decision about station flooding the World it is not accepted yet, and it will depend on search results of off-budget means. Thereupon a question what further to do with the World : to reduce it from an orbit or to continue operation - can be temporarily postponed in case of the positive decision of the government on allocation of 750 000 000 roubles for maintenance of work of station. The same sum can suffice for operated flooding of station the World in safe area of a southern part of Pacific ocean.
earlier vitse - prime minister Ilya Klebanov has declared that in case means out of the budget will manage to be found, the World can continue work. If it does not occur, Klebanov, the technical module " has noted; Progress which is now put into orbit, should supply station with necessary fuel for its transfer into that orbit to which there will be further a flooding.