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Whether George Bush`s Russian State Office of Public Prosecutor will plant?

the former prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Victor Tchernomyrdin has sent statements to the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia and Moscow City Court on investigation of charges in corruption which were shown to it by the candidate for US presidents George Bush. On teledebates with the vice-president of the USA Albert Gorom Dzh. Bush has made the unflattering statement for Victor Tchernomyrdin. He has hinted that IMF credits have appeared in pockets at V.Tchernomyrdin . Teledebates listened more than half of voters in the USA, they were broadcast on satellite television for the whole world. Accordingly, the statement for financial untidiness of the former prime minister of Russia became property of millions televiewers. On what the governor of Texas George Bush in the statements was based? As it was found out later, its confidence was based on words of the adviser of Coke which in the report has declared assignment of the credit of IMF by V.Tchernomyrdin. This report has not received a due resonance. At the same time, when charge in corruption proceeds from the candidate for presidents, it can mean something bolshee, rather than simply hostility to the concrete person. V.Tchernomyrdin considers that, inflating scandal round his name and Albert Gora`s name, opponents of the candidate from Democratic party of the USA try to play the Russian card . About any plunders of credits of IMF cannot be and speeches as their reception and distribution it was very rigidly supervised both IMF, and other international financial organisations V.Tchernomyrdin explains. In its opinion, to use Russia, to achieve the power, it too .
At once after teledebates V.Tchernomyrdin has addressed to J. To Bush with the letter in which underlined that the governor of Texas has put to the Russian state public figures and, in particular, to me an insult. Your words, the former prime minister - the minister declares, I regard as the ridiculous lie touching my honour and advantage, as intended aspiration to discredit my business reputation. For this reason I insist on public apologies of you . George Bush is the letter has received.
as any apologies of J. Bush has not brought, the deputy of the State Duma from Jamalo - Nenets autonomous region V.Tchernomyrdin has decided to operate severely: has addressed in court and the State Office of Public Prosecutor. Even if the Russian State Office of Public Prosecutor cannot protect honour and advantage were premieres - the minister of Russia, V.Tchernomyrdin intends to bring an action the claim of the USA. Documents for this purpose already prepare, and democrats in the USA count up, as it will affect election campaign of J. Bush.