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Filipinos want to banish the president

On Philippines of ten thousand demonstrators urge president Joseph Estradu to retire. On all country there are mass protest actions. The vice-president of Philippines Gloria Arrojo who has taken of an oppositional position in relation to the president, has declared today that the president should leave the post not to cast national economy and a society into a collapse condition.
Arrojo also has declared that is ready to take up its duties. Such position allows critics to ask a question, whether instead of mercenary motives the madam the vice-president in the vigorous activity for the purpose of discharge of the president is guided. Perhaps, it simply to take desire its place, instead of struggle for justice as it is officially declared write today oppositional Philippine newspapers.
nevertheless, such reproaches of Arrojo yet does not answer and continues to call for resignation of the president. As it is sad, there is no other permission of a situation, except its leaving she has underlined. Still until recently Arrojo refused to join appeals about Platform resignation, declaring that it would be obscene from its party as it becomes its successor. Now the situation has changed.
in turn the president the Platform continues to deny categorically all brought to its during procedure of impeachment of accusations. To the president attribute illegal bribes for the sum of 8 million the dollars, received from organizers of underground lotteries. However, observing of growth of national discontent, the Platform one of these days has been already compelled to declare that will agree on own resignation, if the will of the people of Philippines " is that;. However, while the oppositionists achieving preschedule resignation of the Platform, are in minority - and in parliament, and in general in the people. And the president has got support of military men, just in case having appointed one of these days the commander-in-chief true to itself the person.