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In Russia it is seized 6,5 thousand bribe takers

From the beginning of this year across Russia by employees of divisions of Central administrative board on struggle against economic crimes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation it is revealed 6,5 thousand the malfeasances connected with bribery.
on it has informed a press - secretary GUBEP Alexander Vorobev. As one of last examples it has resulted a case in the Arkhangelsk region. There employees UBEP have exposed the Department of Internal Affairs in bribery of the director of the regional state archive extorting a bribe at a rate of 40 thousand roubles for rent of warehouse. On the given fact criminal case under article " is brought; bribe Reception in especially large size .
As it was already informed, for 9 months in Russia it is revealed over 19 thousand malfeasances. It on 10,7 % exceeds an indicator of the similar period of last year. From them on bribery and commercial payoff it is necessary 6 thousand 451 (+3,3 %) and 1 thousand 906 (+65,5 %) crimes accordingly.
for the specified period affairs are directed to courts of the Russian Federation on 9 thousand to 442 crimes of a corruption orientation. (The bribery and commercial payoff) is involved in a criminal liability for the most dangerous forms of corruption by 1 thousand 858 offenders that on 7,7 % more than last year.