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States will help Israel

Administration of the USA intend to ask to allocate the Congress a package of the special military help to Israel. The total sum of allocated means, predictably, will be estimated hundreds millions dollars. The Israeli newspaper informs on it Nazareth .
the Law on help allocation will be multidimensional a number of the budgetary inquiries already exposed earlier will enter into it also. Earlier Israel has already addressed to the USA with the request for allocation of 800 000 000 dollars as the military help, and the part of these means is planned to direct for a covering of expenses on a withdrawal of Israeli troops from Lebanon, and other part - on ABM system engineering - in the light of last successful tests of the new rocket by Iran SHihab .
This money makes a basis of a package of the usual military help of the USA to Israel the next year which total sum is estimated in 1,98 billion dollars. Originally American officials declared that the help it will be ready smaller - 150 - 200 million. But last week at the summit in Charm - an ale - the Sheikh of premieres - the minister of Israel Ehud the Barrack has addressed again to president Clinton with the same request for allocation of considerable means, and as inform the Israeli sources, this time chances of approval by Clinton and the help Congress in full much more .