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Repairings has had a talk chernobyltsami

the Minister of labour and social development of Russia Alexander Pochinok considers that during a today`s meeting with chernobyltsami it was possible to find common language and ways of an exit from a crisis situation.
the minister has informed that the State Duma which has stopped adoption of law about social guarantees to liquidators of Chernobyl failure, has already come to understanding of that without acceptance of the given law it is impossible to begin payments.
according to A.Pochinka, subsequently, already after voting on Friday, the law can be improved, and there will be a guarantee of repayment of debts under the judicial claims submitted invalids of the first group.
A.Pochinok has admitted unfair that fact that separate chernobyltsy receive on 30 - 40 thousand roubles, and soldiers - srochniki failures participating in liquidation and received 1 and 2 group of physical inability, - less than 500 roubles . The law is calculated on correction of a situation and will allow to pay to invalids of the first group to 5 thousand roubles.
in the budget of 2001 on realisation of the law on social guarantees chernobyltsam are put 5,6 mlrd roubles. A.Pochinok hopes to arrive on a meeting with chernobyltsami to Tula with already accepted law.
we will remind, protest marches chernobyltsev have passed in Tula and Dagestan. They object to the new law on payments suffered from failure on the Chernobyl atomic power station. Under the new law of indemnification chernobyltsam are replaced with constant grants.