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Russia has requested to itself Andrey Borodina

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia intends to achieve delivery from Great Britain the former president of Bank of Moscow Andrey Borodina. Supervising department has already sent to Great Britain official inquiry about an extradition eks - the banker. It happens next day after a presentation to it of the new correspondence charges connected with a conclusion of actives of Capital insurance group. The lawyer of the mister of Borodino Vladimir Krasnov counts that the inquiry of the Russian side will be rejected.
about a direction to Great Britain of inquiry with the requirement of an extradition of the former president of Bank of Moscow yesterday have informed in the State Office of Public Prosecutor. in connection with an establishment in London Andrey Borodina`s accused of numerous crimes of economic character sites, we have sent to corresponding bodies of this country necessary documents to start procedure of its extradition - have underlined in the State Office of Public Prosecutor, having counted this measure logical After the announcement in November of last year of the former banker in the international search.

extradition procedure eks - the banker has begun next day after a presentation to it, and also the vice-president of Bank of Moscow Dmitry Akulininu of new charges - this time in the organisation of the criminal scheme on alienation of actives of Open Society Capital insurance group (see from March, 16th) for the sum more than 1,7 mlrd the rbl.

As repeatedly wrote criminal prosecution were a top - managers of bank has begun with investigation of circumstances of delivery of the credit for the sum 12,76 mlrd rbl. to little-known Joint-Stock Company Prime minister Estejt . Criminal case has been raised by investigatory department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the statement of a new management of Bank of Moscow, and during the investigation found out that the pledge presented to bank, was illiquid, and the credit given out to Joint-Stock Company has removed into Elena Baturina personal account - spouses of the former mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov. After that concerning misters of Borodino and Akulinina affairs have been raised some more.

Andrey Borodina Vladimir Krasnov`s lawyer about the beginning of procedure of an extradition has learnt from having complained that has not been notified on an inquiry direction by investigatory or supervising bodies. for me it it is no wonder, - was noted by the lawyer, is for a long time widespread practice of our bodies which devil-may-carely concern protection . The lawyer has connected toughening of a position of a consequence concerning the mister of Borodino with the statement, its directed client to public prosecutor Yury Chajke. In it Andrey Borodin has asked to inspect legality of the transaction on sale by the Moscow government of actions of Bank of Moscow belonging to it. I see that all new episodes which are made to Borodino, are the answer of the inspector to a position of my client - the lawyer has counted. According to mister Krasnov, the inquiry of the Russian side will be rejected.

In supervising department consider that protection obviously dissembles, diligently without noticing the obvious facts which prove criminal intention of their client, resorting to lawyer dodges . Soon, have informed in the State Office of Public Prosecutor, documents on an extradition will be directed to London and the former vice-president of Bank of Moscow Dmitry Akulinina who also passes on numerous criminal cases.