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Putin demands to strengthen struggle against smugglers

the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting in the Kremlin with the chairman of the State customs committee Michael Vanin has paid attention to necessity of strengthening of work on a non-admission of evasion from customs payments and struggle against contraband. On it have informed in a press - service of the head of the state.
during a meeting questions of arrangement of frontier for improvement of work of customs officers and equipment of customs bodies by modern means of control were discussed also. The president of Russia has put to customs service of a problem for the future period, connected with its work on state budget formation the State Customs Committee share in which makes about 35 %, and also on protection of economic safety of the country, struggle against contraband of drugs and other threats.
we Will remind that yesterday on a press - conferences the chairman of the State Customs Committee Vanin has informed that for today is collected about 15 billion dollars of customs payments, and by the end of the year this indicator will reach 19 billion dollars. Vanin has noticed that the budgetary task for 2001 made 354 billion roubles, the Ministry of Finance has increased this figure to 491 billion roubles. Nevertheless, by the end of the year, according to the chairman of the State Customs Committee, it will be collected 530 billion roubles. In total for 10 years of existence of the State Customs Committee of Russia has listed in the federal budget of 85 billion dollars. One of the reasons of growth of customs payments the head of the State Customs Committee named decrease in tax loading on importers therefore there was a reduction grey import.
thereupon the especial attention is demanded by a situation in customs bodies Severo - the Western region. Through a zone of responsibility SZTU passes the basic stream of the foreign trade transport cargoes - 11 % of the Russian export and 18 % of import. So, during the current year in SZTU, unlike other regions of Russia, decrease in the average declared cost of the imported goods that has led to a shortage of customs payments, by the most modest estimations, for the sum more than 200 million dollars is noticed. For correction of the combined position the decision on strengthening of a key element of customs bodies Severo - the West is accepted.
the head of the State Customs Committee has underlined that at Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization there will be a sharp increase tovaropotoka from - for a boundary. In this connection the customs will not have possibility to examine each car, the plane or the ship as such actions can paralyse foreign trade. Therefore there is a necessity of examination only potentially dangerous cargoes imported on territory.