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Impressions: half a year with Windows Phone 7

Deliveries of smart phones on the basis of Windows Phone 7 in Russia have begun on September, 16th 2011. The first impressions of the press and bloggers were the most inconsistent, but basically sceptical: a pier, as though it did not look, - Apple and Google already perekroili the market under itself. Half a year of daily testing and duplication of all processes which are carried out on Android and iOS - platforms, have shown its strong and weaknesses.
beauty VS Simplicity
Modern smart phones under the characteristics start to come nearer closely to laptops - dvuhjadernye processors, a solid stock of memory, cloudy services and so on. Race of arms is caused by occurrence resursoemkih appendices, three-dimensional navigation, games and, in particular, - to constant prompting marafeta in the desktop interface.

pluses WP7: Interface Windows Phone 7 uses a drawing minimum - all icons have the identical form, colour and the fixed format. Therefore the system desktop flies at skrollinge literally - how many icons would not be taken out on it. Thus it is convenient from the point of view of navigation, is intuitive and clear. Uniforms of Chendhok (Rob Chandhok), president Qualcomm on the Internet - to services considers that speed of work WP7 - result of deep optimisation of OS with processor possibilities - “ we are very surprised, is how much effective Microsoft it was possible to open real potential of processor Snapdragon “.

Minuses: Microsoft to a limit has limited possibilities kastomizatsii the interface - everything that it is possible to change is a colour of icons and a substrate. Therefore, in spite of the fact that the design of the interface is made on conscience, through pair - a three of months it starts to bother. Change of colour of a problem does not solve - and it is possible to choose as a matter of fact only either green, or blue, or dark blue themes. On iOS, Android and Symbian there is a possibility of change of wall-paper of a desktop. Windows Phone 7 similar possibilities in a base complete set do not provide. The unique decision - installation of the foreign appendix, allowing to impose on a part of system icons of a photo.

management of a desktop
From the point of view of ergonomics, WP 7 strongly differs from iOS and Android - competing systems do not have such concept as “ a desktop “ - there is a graphic space with icons or vidzhetami which can be thumbed through to the left and to the right. That is, as a matter of fact, 7 - conditionally separate 8 desktops. Windows is a direct vertical line - all icons are located from top to down and to reach them it is possible skrollingom. If to shift a desktop to the left, the list of the established appendices any of which can be taken out on a desktop will open.

pluses WP7: management of a desktop really very convenient. Skrolling, thanks to a drawing minimum on icons and to absence of wall-paper of a desktop, works quickly and smoothly. And, unlike iOS and Android, on a desktop it is possible to take out not only the appendix or vidzhet, but also concrete contact or group of contacts for dialogue or a point on the map with a binding to the navigating or information appendix. As a result the working space represents not a set of appendices, and vyzhimku programs, services and contacts which are necessary for the user. And in a case with contacts the icon is also an information window where in real time the information on the user is deduced, imported of its accounts with sotssetjah - posts in Facebook, Twitter and so on. Also it is unique counter WP7. All other funktsional is not less qualitatively realised on Android and iOS.

Minuses WP7: it is not absolutely clear, why the user can take out group of contacts on a desktop, but cannot create a folder with appendices. It is essential enough minus as at active users the desktop very quickly turns to a huge bed-sheet from appendices. During testing very much there was possibility to unite an icon by an accessory principle - graphic, office, no game and so on, - for optimisation of working space.

work with contacts
In this respect approach Microsoft and, accordingly, its partners on Windows Phone 7, considerably differs from vision of developers iOS and Android. The contact book is closely integrated with social services - Twitter, Gmail, Facebook and, accordingly, external contact sheets. It is necessary to the user to be connected to one of services as telephone directory is filled automatically.

pluses WP7 - an idea very correct. In - the first, it is not necessary zamorachivatsja about loss of the book of contacts - it is always accessible and is updated during connection to the Internet. Besides, Microsoft - the first who has thought of such problem as duplication of contacts - after all in Facebook, Gmail, telephone directory and other services, you, as a rule, have same people - simply under different nikami and names. Windows Phone 7 is able to compare lists of contacts and on coincidence to unite contacts - roughly speaking, a name “ Vasja Pupkin “ in the book of contacts will contain at once both phone, and e-mail, both a photo, and the data about skajpe and social accounts of the user with possibility of carrying out of all of it on a desktop.

minuses WP7 - minuses follow from pluses - contacts of people from mail or social networks necessary, as it not friends or even not familiar no means always are. Besides, people often leave not the present contacts, niki or photos. Known both popular people and bloggers hardly will be delighted with contact book WP7 as it will instantly be filled tens thousand absolutely senseless records. Besides social networks generate first of all a content, instead of This place where people read. That is, mass-media - we learn from sots. News networks, we look video, we read fresh discussions and discussions (not always with friends) and so on. For us it first of all a content, instead of directory. And in it fundamental error Microfoft. In options it is possible to block selectively automatic synchronisation with this or that social network, but about existence of the given function the user learns, as a rule, a post factum.

mail and office
For today post client Windows Phone 7 - best of Trinity WP7 - iOS - Android.

Pluses WP7 - quickly works, correspondence is conveniently segmented on groups (letters from one person 6εη additional options of the client unite at once in a discussion branch by the same principle that at Gmail), the client supports and correctly processes attachmenty and office documents. At last, in WP7 high-grade work with corporate Microsoft Outlook is possible.

Minuses - it is not revealed.

the Quantity of appendices of users any more does not excite for a long time Quality of appendices - on the average the active user works with 30 - 40 appendices. And the main requirement to them - quality. And from this point of view a situation in online - shop approximately same, as on other platforms.

pluses WP7 - not so it is a lot of appendices, as under iOS and Android, but all cores already exist. During testing WP7 we have noticed the huge progress shown by foreign developers from the point of view of quality of products. Cards and services Yandex, half a year back working more slowly, than on iOS, function now ideally, WhatsApp - is, Foursquare - too. There is a weight of graphic editors and fotobloggingovyh programs, games (Angry Birds) - that is, a lack of appendices in comparison with iOS and Android practically is not felt. Simply there are unique products, such as Instagram which can be used only on iOS - and with it nothing to do.

minuses WP7 - Appendices enter with delay. Skype has appeared only in the end of February 2012. And when leaves, for example, “ Yandex. The navigator “ already accessible and popular for iPhone - the big question. But delay Skype was explained by Steve Balmer at exhibition CES2012 - “ Skype - a unique product in portfolio Microsoft, we want to achieve its close integration with many online - platforms Microsoft and we want to make it so that to give to users on the present positive impressions of work. “

potential Windows Phone 7
the System has quite good potential. From Apple Microsoft to bite off it will not be possible is loyal enough audience which is adhered first of all to services, instead of to system - that is, to Instagram, iTunes and so on. And here from Android, BlackBerry and Symbian, Microsoft potihonichku will entice people. It is not necessary to forget that Windows Phone 7 it is not simple OS, but also own searcher Bing, close integration with SkyDrive (25Γα online - spaces are given absolutely free of charge), Windows Live (online - shop and mullions-strong gejmerskoe community), but the main thing - a brand. Till now in the world of an order of 85 % of all computers work on Windows. Therefore Microsoft, under condition of competent construction of corporate sales and support WP7 of standards of safety ISO, can achieve very good results this environment.