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500 and the Party member it is more

Party can create 500 persons, and such possibility for Russians will be presented in April, judging by the yesterday`s decision of the Duma committee on affairs of public associations which has prepared the presidential bill simplifying rules of a party registration for the second reading. The committee has refused to increase the minimum number of members of parties on what the Duma oppositionists insisted. Also could not agree about such rules at which the Ministry of Justice could not refuse a party registration at own discretion.
the committee on affairs of public associations and the religious organisations sat with participation of representatives of Public chamber, the unparliamentary and not registered parties. The head of committee Alexey Ostrovsky only regretted that representatives of stand-alone opposition did not participate in discussion from the working group created at the president. He/she is diseased Vladimir Ryzhkov, the leader of the Republican Party which registration the Ministry of Justice has promised yesterday to restore (the material see this strip), and the co-ordinator the Left front Sergey Udaltsov leaving yesterday administrative arrest for disobedience to representatives of the law and order on March, 10th.

but interests of stand-alone opposition yesterday reliably protected not only the Duma opposition. But also the Duma committee has decided what to approve in the second reading it is possible only those amendments, which have been in common approved on March, 12th by all participants of presidential working group (see for March, 13th). All operating time of working group to the second reading were brought on its own behalf by Alexey Ostrovsky (LDPR fraction) and the head of the Duma committee on constitutional to the legislation, United Russia party member Vladimir Pligin.

However, the Duma oppositionists supported stand-alone colleagues originally. Communists - the first vitse - the speaker of the State Duma Ivan Melnikov and the vice-president of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Sergey Reshulsky - achieved, that the minimum number of parties made 5000 members. Now this minimum makes 40 thousand, and in the presidential bill - 500 persons. also it is the project concept - mister Ostrovsky has underlined, meaning that in the second reading there can be only such editing of the project which does not contradict its concept confirmed in the first reading. there should be a competition - Ekaterina Lahova has declared the United Russia party member, defending presidential idea liberalisations establishing a minimum in 500 persons.

communists as has explained Sergey Reshulsky, are not afraid of potential competitors, and on the contrary, protect a fair competition . And for this purpose, as he said, at a minimum in 500 persons It is necessary to allow for parties to create blocks during elections and to lower a barrier to passage to the State Duma about present 5 % at least to 3 % . But such liberalisation presidential bills do not provide, therefore to compete among themselves will be the present opposition with parties - a something ephemeral which the Ministry of Justice will register under the help of the Kremlin . As a result, under the forecast of the communist, protest voices on elections on 1 - 1,5 % will take away new parties, and the majority in the State Duma again will be at the party in power, how many it has received on elections .

However as the mister Reshulsky, the minimum number for communists " has specified; has no value : Though 30 persons though 300 thousand - the Ministry of Justice can refuse registration of any party, explaining to nothing . Correctness of the communist was confirmed with the representative of not registered party Business Which has declared gathered that organising committee Affairs has submitted to Ministry of Justice lists on 45 thousand persons, but the party has not been registered and motivirovannogo refusal has not received. In the same way in due time the Republican Party has been liquidated. That the such did not repeat, communists suggest to change party registration procedure. Now the Ministry of Justice has the right to refuse to party registration if in its authorised documents positions which contradict norms of the Constitution or separate laws, for example, the law " are occupied; About counteraction to extremism .

On versions of communists, Ministry of Justice, having found out similar contradictions, should inform in writing on it to organising committee of created party, to suggest to eliminate within 45 days contradictions, and also to give concrete recommendations how competently to eliminate contradictions .

But the presidential working group has developed the alternative offer. Under versions of deputies of Ostrovsky and Pligina, Ministry of Justice, having found out contradictions, should suspend registration procedure, direct to organising committee written motivirovannoe the message on it, give to organising committee three months on elimination of contradictions. If for these three months of the contradiction will not be eliminated, the party will be refused in registration. to you there only will write that your charter breaks such - that and such - that certificates and in what it is concrete, will not write, and then will refuse registration because you have not eliminated infringement - Sergey Reshulsky has declared yesterday, addressing to representatives of not registered parties.

as a result to a common opinion in this question committee-men could not come yesterday. Also have decided to take out it without any estimations from itself on court of deputies of the State Duma which intend to be engaged in the second reading of the presidential project on April, 20th. The third reading as Alexey Ostrovsky has informed yesterday, can already pass on March, 23rd And then the law approved by deputies can be considered at session of Council of federation on March, 28th. If also its senators approve, the signature of the president it will be immediately put the head of committee believes. In this case the law will come into force from the moment of publication, instead of on January, 1st, 2013 as the president offered originally.