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Sentries of fidelity

this year mark Longines marks 180 - letie: in this significant occasion within the limits of the Basel hour exhibition its visitors accepted a collection of an old watch of the company. It is possible to consider history Longines exemplary for the Swiss hour brand: these watch-makers truly, simply and fairly served, year after year, time business. Their hands left hours the most different - aviatorskie, pocket, jeweller, sports (prior to the beginning 2000 - h years Longines divided timing mission on the Olympic games with colleagues on Swatch Group - mark Omega). The one who was not too lazy to get acquainted with exhibition Longines, will understand charm of these hours: it is the human, household hour classics, these are hours for people, for private soldiers, but the major users.

Longines as to, perhaps, any other ancient Swiss mark, it was possible to keep the gentle, sincere relation to a made subject. And Longines, to a brand which is in structure of huge group Swatch, Longines which masters often use purchased mechanisms ETA, it is possible to look respectable, hardly probable not a family manufactory.

in honour of an anniversary which will be marked throughout all 2012, Longines two new collections have presented, is Heritage Collection and Saint - Imier Collection, named so in honour of village Sent - Ime where there were first hours Longines.

Saint - Imier is a line in which the classical stylistics are kept. These hours there are known codes of mark, in it there is a sensation of fidelity to the selected way and fidelity to it. It, in effect, - in spite of the fact that already is now presented identical hours to collections more than 20 models. But they are similar, all of them brothers and sisters: jeweller, office, sports, the different sizes and materials of cases, on thongs and on bracelets. Line Saint - Imier is new Spine collection Longines, that is such meeting which provides profit reception, the big earnings. In different years such problem got to different collections Longines - from Dolce Vita and La Grande Classique to Evidenza.

But obvious commercial objectives do not spoil in the paradoxical image ideal impression: in Saint - Imier there is no smack of cheapness, a forgery, momentary focus. On the contrary, in hours Saint - Imier which will run up on the world, on continents, important mission is felt. They are the Swiss hour ambassadors, fair, touching and simultaneously keeping breed. Line Saint - Imier is a ready museum of old, noble and great mark - Longines from small village Saint - Imier.