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Neutral round

has come to the end Yesterday 34 - j round of the championship of Russia. The last in the leading eight played Anzhi and Spartak which, as well as other commands from elite group, too have not revealed the winner - 0:0.
Those who waited for renewal of the championship of Russia, anticipating fascinating struggle in the first eight, were cruelly deceived. From eight played matches six have come to the end in a draw, and 34 - j round has stood out exclusively peaceful - all four meetings have ended with sharing of points. The last on one point have typed Anzhi and Spartak though the history of their meetings promised uncompromising struggle.

in this championship matches Anzhi and Spartaka each time became sign. After the first, defeat in which (1:2) has lowered is red - white on standings bottom, Valery Karpin declared resignation. The convincing revenge (3:0) in the second circle became a harbinger of summer launch of Muscovites and has proved that the owner Spartaka Leonid Fedun has arrived correctly, without having dismissed the head coach. Yesterday`s, the third under the account, season fight should clear that Valery Karpin has changed for winter gathering in game of the wards. The first match Spartaka in Kazan this question has not answered: awful quality of a lawn has transformed game into absolutely not informative struggle for a ball.

a meeting with Anzhi (on a green field of local stadium the eye had literally a rest) was rather indicative. So, after it it became clear that Valery Karpin all - taki has given in to temptation to use from first minutes the sharpest sheaf of forwards - Velliton - Emmanuel Emenike. In this tandem to the Brazilian the exclusive role of a centre forward was taken away, and the Nigerian has been tired out on the right flank. The reference on brovku impoverished game of Emenike: Without receiving due support from partners, he ran practically empty. However already on the seventh minute of torture of the Nigerian could pay off, score it a goal. The moment for a capture of gate was extremely convenient. All in attack was made by Velliton: the Brazilian obokral on flank of the defender Anzhi on an input in the penal has beaten another and has driven a ball along gate. Alas, the pass left too strong - blow at Emenike plainly has not turned out, and the goalkeeper Anzhi Vladimir Gabulov has covered a ball on a line of gate.

it there was, as a matter of fact, a unique dangerous moment for all first time. Mahachkalintsy, left in game with dinamovtsami rather pleasant impression, in this meeting did not receive open space for maneuver. A sharpness at gate Spartaka basically arose after draws of standards and canopies: in riding struggle at powerful central defenders Anzhi Zhuana Carlos and Christopher Samby there was a notable advantage over spartakovtsami.

After a break the alignment of forces practically has not changed. Small advantage on - former Muscovites owned. They have created one more certain moment in the middle of the second time - Sergey Parshivljuk was tore along an obverse line and has strongly raked in the penal. Calculation was simple - or the, or the stranger should cut off a ball in gate. The first on transfer Emenike has jumped out, but from vygodnejshego positions has missed on a ball.

however the superiority Spartaka it has appeared illusory. It was necessary mahachkalintsam to excite speed, as defence Spartaka hardly has not collapsed. With an interval some minutes havbek Anzhi Mahach Gadzhiev has missed two chances, one another krashe. In the first episode to open the account to it goalkeeper Andrey Dikan has prevented, in the second anybody did not disturb - gate were empty, but Gadzhiev has punched strongly above a crossbeam. More favourable moments for a capture of gate at Spartaka at Anzhi Was not.