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Anonymous blogery in China cannot publish the messages

Users of the social network most popular in China " any more; Vejbo not specified in registration forms of the real names and surnames, and also passport data, since March, 17th will be deprived possibility to publish posts in microblogs, transfers RIA News referring to the Peking authorities. The Peking office under the Internet information has published on December, 16th some rules on regulation of service of microblogs Vejbo . According to these rules, for right reception to publish the posts users should inform service administrations the real names and numbers of identification cards. New users should make it at the registration, earlier registered blogeram 3 months were given on specification of the personal data. After March, 16th all users of microblogs not registered when due hereunder can read only messages of others blogerov. The purpose of new rules, on assurance of the authorities, struggle against distribution of hearings and false information is. Except Beijing similar rules of registration in social networks are accepted and in other large Chinese cities - such, as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenchzhen.